Five potential opponents for Bray Wyatt's Universal Championship match at WrestleMania 36

The Universal Champion Bray Wyatt

Last Monday on Raw, the Royal Rumble winner Drew McIntyre chose to face the WWE Champion Brock Lesnar at WrestleMania 36 in Tampa.

That is providing he gets through any title defences beforehand - like against Ricochet at Super ShowDown - without a blip.

This all means that the other world champion on the main roster - Bray Wyatt - is currently without a dance partner for the Grandest Stage of Them All.

That's not anything to worry about, after all we are still two months away from the event, but looking at SmackDown's roster, it appears that there's a serious lack of depth when it comes to babyface main eventers on Friday nights.

There is one obvious opponent for Bray at Mania, but we've tried to create five scenarios and potential opponents for him.

Roman Reigns

Bray Wyatt and Roman Reigns have had a long and storied rivalry

This one is the obvious one, and if you believe some websites, this match is the one has been in the works for months.

Reigns has been feuding with King Corbin for months, but he's finally ready to pursue something different now he's covered Corbin in dog food.

Having not held or challenged for a world championship since his leukaemia diagnosis in late 2018, Reigns looks primed and ready to get back into the title picture - and a Universal Championship match against The Fiend is expected to be the one.

Kofi Kingston

Wyatt has run into Kofi Kingston on numerous occasions

Kofi was very harshly treated after being defeated in just nine seconds by Brock Lesnar for the WWE Championship, and he never got a shot to try and win it back.

Nor did he show any frustration about losing it, so WWE could look to give him back some of his hunger and let him win a number-one contender Elimination Chamber match next month.

It would inevitably show that Kofi is still very much a huge fan favourite and although it would be unlikely that he's booked to beat The Fiend, it would still be an intriguing match.


Goldberg will be returning to SmackDown this week to declare 'who's next'

We know that the WCW legend is returning to SmackDown this Friday to declare 'who's next', and that's likely to reveal his Super ShowDown opponent.

But what if he tells the WWE fans that he wants The Fiend, but Bray Wyatt tells him he's not done anything to deserve being in the ring with him?

Goldberg could then face someone in Saudi Arabia for the right to face Wyatt at WrestleMania - it may not be popular with fans, but it would add some star power to the card at least.

The Undertaker

Wyatt and The Undertaker have history at WrestleMania

Another legend who hasn't been around for a while is The Undertaker, although he has apparently sounded out WWE about appearing at Mania.

Wyatt and Taker have WrestleMania history, with the two facing off in 2015, so the story is there - Bray wants revenge on the biggest stage.

With the story of The Fiend being the opponents he defeats end up going back in their careers (Finn Balor back to NXT, The Miz turns heel, Daniel Bryan shaves his hair off), he could defeat Taker and turn him back into 'American Bad Ass' Taker for the remainder of his career.


WWE fans would welcome a renewed Cesaro push

A very left-field selection, but Cesaro still has an army of fans who want to see him as a main eventer, despite years of him being in mid-card purgatory.

There's nothing stopping WWE from booking him going on a tear-up between now and Elimination Chamber on March 8, where he could be victorious inside the Chamber in a number-one contenders match.

It would elevate him to new heights and it would be so easy to portray him as a serious threat to The Fiend, as he's one of the most powerful and hardest hitters in the company.

People behind the scenes have seemingly forgot that though, but the fans haven't!

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