Six times Liverpool's James Milner showed he's just a great human being


James Milner is a top bloke. There’s no other way of saying it.

Throughout his career, the Liverpool midfielder has gone about his business without fuss but it seems that only now we’re beginning to see his true personality.

And he’s the sort of character that every manager wants in the dressing room.

Hard-working and determined, Milner also knows how to keep it light and have fun as well.

Boring James Milner? That’s just a myth.

Planet Football have picked out six times in which Milner proves he’s just an all-round great guy.

Supporting the Under 23s

While his Liverpool teammates were off enjoying their winter break in the sun, Milner was supporting the Under 23s ahead of their FA Cup tie against Shrewsbury.

Milner trained with the youth side on Monday and watched on at Anfield on Tuesday as Neil Critchley’s kids recorded a memorable 1-0 win to reach the fifth round.

"He was giving words of advice, he was getting right behind the players,” Critchley later revealed, per the Mirror.

“He was vocal in the dressing room. He was animated. He was vocal behind me, I could hear him.”


Showing Champions League trophy to Hillsborough survivor

During Liverpool’s trophy parade after winning the Champions League in 2019, Milner requested the open top bus stop outside the home of Andrew Devine, who survived the Hillsborough disaster in 1989.

Devine, who requires 24-hour care following injuries suffered in the disaster, had met Milner during visits to Liverpool’s Melwood base. It was a class gesture.

The James Milner Foundation

Milner launched his own foundation in 2011.

Its aim is to “promote healthy recreation for the benefit of young people in the United Kingdom by the development, improvement and provision of opportunities in sports”, and it’s been a major success.

The foundation has reached more than 1 million children and last December celebrated its eighth anniversary by surpassing £1 million In funds raised.


Smashing pre-season fitness tests

Milner coming out on top in Liverpool’s pre-season fitness tests seems to be an annual event now.

Last summer, aged 33, he once again cruised to victory, this time leaving Joe Gomez in his dust.

The former Manchester City man is proof that if you work hard enough, you can achieve anything.

ABU - Anyone But United

Milner grew up a Leeds United fan and he wasn’t allowed to wear the colours of their rivals, Manchester United.

“That was the idea really!” he told The Times in 2018. “Growing up a Leeds fan, I was never allowed to wear a red t-shirt, my old man never allowed it.

“Seriously. ‘We can’t wear red. We’re Leeds.’”

Milner has played for United’s biggest rivals in Leeds, Man City and Liverpool. His father must be proud.

Leeds United v Everton

Boring James Milner

In an era where footballers love to show off their sleeve tattoos, fancy haircuts and designer clothing, Milner is quite the opposite.

In fact, he’s been labelled ‘Boring James Milner’, with a Twitter account dedicated to the name attracting more than 660,00 followers.

But instead of complaining about it, or trying hard to prove it’s not true, Milner has gone along with the joke and shown he doesn’t take himself seriously at all.

There was the joke about celebrating Liverpool’s Champions League win with a lime and lemonade.

He also tried to find the perfect sized mini egg on Easter and poked fun at Roberto Firmino’s protective glasses.

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Football needs more characters like Milner.

He's approaching the final years of his career but there's no doubt Liverpool would love to keep him on board in some capacity when he hangs up his boots.

Assistant to future manager Steven Gerrard, perhaps?

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