The replies when Sky announced Liverpool had signed Jordan Henderson in 2011


Before the Premier League came to a halt, Jordan Henderson was having a remarkable season at Liverpool.

The English midfielder had been pivotal as the Reds built a 25-point lead at the top of the table.

His performances have seen him become one of the frontrunners for the PFA Premier League Player of the Year award.

Alan Shearer is just one big name pundit that has backed Henderson to win top prize.

Henderson has had a lot of doubters in his career, which mainly started when he first joined Liverpool from Sunderland for £20m in 2011.


So, with Henderson now among the world's best midfielders, we've decided to take a trip down memory lane and look at the negative replies when Sky Sports announced that very transfer.

Chris Taylor, an Evertonian, wrote: "Far too much money, prefer Jack Rodwell any day."

Rodwell has been playing in the Championship for the last few years, although he did recently sign for Sheffield United.

"This sums up everything wrong with our game," Julian Hudson wrote. "At least Carroll has obvious potential and may well prove the doubters wrong, but Henderson?? I feel sorry for him - the pressure on him to deliver may will destroy him. I hope I am wrong."


You were very wrong, Julian.

Graeme Cummins sarcastically said: "That's a brilliant signing for Liverpool, NOT". He must surely think otherwise now.

Chris Maisey said: "What a rip off, just like Andy Carroll. I'm sure he will suck just as bad."


He was right about Carroll, but very wrong about Henderson.

"Only S**tpool can buy a player that can't tackle and bottles 50/50 balls," Neil David Harrop wrote.

Malcolm Cleal came up with a truly awful take. "If Henderson is worth 20m, Charlie Adam must be double that. Liverpool will be trailing in everyone's wake yet again," he wrote.

And Reece Stout said: "Must have money to burn. Absolute madness."


Henderson has made all of those above look stupid.

But there were some supporters of Henderson and no one wrote a better post than Dan Tomlins.

"People don't think we've paid too much, they're just bitter cause we're spending money," Dan wrote. "£20million on a young English talent isn't anything to be ashamed of and still got a good 14 years under his belt. Think of all the things he can still achieve..."

He's gone on to achieve quite a lot. And, at just 29 years old, he can still achieve much, much more.

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