AEW news: Eric Bischoff doesn't believe that Jon Moxley can be All Elite Wrestling's top guy yet

It has been just over a year now since WWE announced that Dean Ambrose wouldn’t be renewing his contract, and that he would be seeking pastures new come May 2019.

And only a few weeks after his deal was up, he brought back the Jon Moxley name that he used in his early career and went over to the newly-formed All Elite Wrestling.

New rivalries were formed, including with Kenny Omega, but Mox has run into a familiar foe on his travels – Chris Jericho.

Y2J has been the AEW Champion since it’s inception, and Moxley is his next challenger as they go head-to-head at Revolution on February 29.

When AEW brought Moxley in, there was a clear consensus from the fans that one day, Moxley would be the top guy in the company, such was his name value switching over from WWE.

One icon in the world of wrestling though believes that Moxley doesn’t have what it takes right now to be AEW’s leading light – and that is Eric Bischoff.

“I gotta be honest, I like his character, I like his work, I like the fact that he is kind of this enigma in a way,” said Bischoff on his 83 Weeks podcast – per eWrestlingNews.

“Theres a lot of things I like about him, but the top guy? If I’m being honest, no I don’t.

And Bischoff believes he needs to add something to his game to surpass his Revolution opponent Jericho.

“He’s two dimensional and he needs to find that third dimension to get him to a Chris Jericho type level,” Bischoff continued.

“There’s nothing wrong with his work, nothing at all wrong with his character other than I’m not seeing a lot of depth to it.

“There’s a sameness to it, there’s not enough range to it. I think that’s true across the boards for a lot of characters, not just Jon Moxley.”

It’s an interesting viewpoint and you have to take Bischoff’s comments on-board as he’s seen it all and done it all when it comes to pro wrestling.

Aside from Jericho though, Moxley is the biggest known star on a worldwide scale that they have, and regardless of this ‘third dimension’ that he apparently doesn’t have, AEW will still have him in the main events like he should be.

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