WWE news: Paul Heyman has told Buddy Murphy that he would be the next face of Monday Night Raw

Paul Heyman has been the Executive Director of Monday Night Raw since the Summer of 2019, meaning that he has a big say in the creative decisions on WWE’s flagship show.

And whilst SmackDown now seems to getting the better numbers on a week-by-week basis due to their big-money move to FOX, Raw is consistently producing the more entertaining product.

The likes of Drew McIntyre and Kevin Owens have been featured more, we’ve had a memorable Becky Lynch and Asuka feud, and we’ve seen the rise of many younger, athletic superstars who are getting more screen time than ever.

That’s thanks to Heyman, who apparently has a number of personal projects he’s working on in the form of superstars.

According to Dave Meltzer of the Wrestling Observer, Heyman’s ‘guys’ are Aleister Black, Buddy Murphy, Ricochet, Humberto Carrillo and United States Champion Andrade.

And Murphy added fuel to those rumours that Heyman has his projects by stating that the man himself has given him high praise.

“Working with Paul is awesome. “Paul, during my NXT days where we originally met, gave me some nice words,” Murphy told Digital Spy.

“Then I was drafted to 205 Live then to Smackdown and I kind of found myself a little bit lost on Smackdown with no real direction and Paul decided I would be a good fit for his brand, the next face of Raw.

“It’s been awesome to sit next to him and learn from him and just pick his brain on everything. It’s a great experience and I’m very lucky to be drafted there.

“He was a big part of my childhood. I watched and admired everyone that I saw on the television. So to be working side by side with him is awesome.”

With Murphy already a Raw Tag Team Champion now alongside Seth Rollins, just a couple of months after moving to the red brand, things are looking up for the Aussie.

He’s set for a big 2020 as part of Rollins’ new stable, but he may end up breaking away from that and becoming a main event singles star by his own right.

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