UFC news: Kobe Bryant to be honoured this weekend at UFC 247

  • Kat Lucas
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Dana White has revealed plans to honour Kobe Bryant this weekend at UFC 247. 

Jon Jones will face Dominick Reyes in Texas, with a tribute being paid before the main event kicks off. 

The NBA legend was a huge fan of MMA and invested in both the UFC itself and its official energy drink company BodyArmour. 

While the nature of the tribute is yet to be confirmed, White wanted to make a gesture having met with Bryant just last month. 

"This is the first fight since it happened and yes, we’re gonna do something for Kobe," White told TMZ. 

"You look at Kobe the basketball player, right? Then the guy that won an Oscar and all of the other things that this guy has accomplished in his life.

"Well, also, he was one of the big investors in BodyArmor, a company that’s a sponsor of the UFC. He was also an investor in the UFC." 

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In the days before he passed away, the 41-year-old received a distribution cheque thanks to his investment. 

"Kobe got a distribution from the UFC the Wednesday before the incident and he was so pumped up and excited and he said what everybody always says, ‘I wish I had invested more!’" White added. 

"He was a part of this company… Kobe Bryant was a good guy in every way that you could possibly be a good guy."

It's another reminder that his legacy goes beyond basketball. 

Bryant's impact continues to be felt around the world of sport.

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