Christian activist is planning to sue the NFL for Super Bowl LIV halftime show

A Christian activist is planning to sue the National Football League over its Super Bowl halftime show featuring Jennifer Lopez and Shakira.

During the performance in Miami, which came at the interval of the Kansas City Chiefs’ 31-20 win over the San Francisco 49ers, Lopez and Shakira both flaunted their figures with risqué routines and daring outfits.

And Ohio-based Dave Daubenmire has complained about the revealing show and said he would be happy with a $867 trillion settlement.

Daubenmire, a former Ohio football coach, claims the set put him “in danger of hellfire”.

“I think we ought to sue,” Daubenmire said on his Pass the Salt podcast.

“Would that have been rated PG? Were there any warnings that your 12-year-old son – whose hormones are just starting to operate – was there any warning that what he was going to see might cause him to get sexually excited?

“Could I go into a courtroom and say, ‘Viewing what you put on that screen put me in danger of hellfire’?

“You didn’t tell me I was going to watch it! You just brought it into my living room.”

The minister believes the halftime show was “discriminatory” towards Christians.

“You didn’t tell me there were going to be crotch shots. That’s discriminatory against the value I have in my house. You can’t just do that,” he added.

“I want to sue them for about $867 trillion.”

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In a follow-up video on Facebook, the Christian activist revealed he is in the process of finding a lawyer with the intention of filing a class-action suit against the NFL, Pepsi (the official sponsor of the halftime show), and his cable company for “pandering pornography to minors”.

“I’m serious as a judge here. I’m looking for a lawyer out there, somebody who will join me in a class-action lawsuit,” he said.

“What we saw yesterday was a strip club performance… Are we going to protect our children or not?

“I tuned in to watch a football game – I didn’t tune it to watch porn show.

“Why are they allowed to pump that right into my home without my approval?

“I didn’t tune in to see J. Lo’s crotch.”

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