Jose Mourinho appears in photos with shaven head

Back in 2014, Jose Mourinho suggested that Pep Guardiola’s bald head was a sign that he doesn’t enjoy football.

“When you enjoy what you do, you don’t lose your hair, and Guardiola is bald,” Mourinho quipped, per the Daily Mail. “He doesn’t enjoy football.”

Fast forward six years and Mourinho, is, well, bald.

The Tottenham Hotspur has appeared in photos with a shaven head.

Wow. He’s no longer The Special One. He’s The Shaven One.

Mourinho sported a thinner look during the 2014/15 season but denied that it was as a result of the stresses of football management.

“I promise you I am fine – but I am not happy. I am not used to losing so many times but I am adapting to the challenge,” he said, per The Belgravia Centre.

“My haircut isn’t as radical as it has been… the war haircut is shorter than this one”.

Meanwhile, former Manchester United winger Ryan Giggs recently got a hair transplant after admitting that the “stress” of playing for the Red Devils had caused it to fall out.

“Football is stressful,” Giggs told staff at MHR Clinic, per the Mirror.

“You put yourself under pressure. You’re aware of the consequences if you lose a game or don’t play well.

“You are under the spotlight and if you have a bad game you’re aware of the criticism. Then it becomes a little bit more stressful. And stress is related to hair loss.”

Image via: MHR Clinic

Mourniho’s Tottenham are currently fifth in the Premier League following successive wins over Norwich City and Manchester City.

The intense battle to finish in the top four is certainly a justifiable cause for Mourinho to be experiencing stress.

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