Sky Sports’ legendary 'Written In The Stars' Super Sunday intro: Fan has made a 2020 version

  • Rob Swan

Sky Sports’ ‘Written In The Stars’ Super Sunday intro hasn’t been equalled since it left our screens around six or seven years ago.

All of the subsequent intros have been pretty underwhelming in comparison – and the vast majority of football fans would jump at the chance to have the old titles back.

There was just something so apt about Tinie Tempah’s 2010 banger alongside the golden graphics. They complimented each other perfectly.

Hear the song now and your mind is immediately cast back to those Sunday afternoons on the sofa or in the pub when you and your mates were excitedly braced to watch two potentially classic Premier League matches unfold.

It was an intro that could make the hairs on the back of your neck stand on end. But none of Sky’s intros have had the same effect since, unfortunately.

One person who clearly feels the same is Twitter user @JorginhoErotica.

He’s made a fantastic 2020 version of Sky Sports’ legendary intro and it’s deservedly gone viral.

Featuring current Premier League stars such as Jamie Vardy, Tammy Abraham, Marcus Rashford and Mohamed Salah, these titles will fill anyone who loved Sky Sports’ classic 2013 intro with joy.

Watch it here…

Outstanding work!

We love it – and many football fans do, too.

Here’s a small selection of some of the replies…

If Sky Sports could do their own updated version for the 2020-21 season that would be absolutely ideal.

It might be time to get an online petition up and running.

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