Mum-of-three claims 'hackers' bought 36,000 FIFA points with her credit card

Lesley Urwin has finally received a refund from Microsoft

A very angry mum-of-three is claiming 'hackers' used her card to buy 36,000 FIFA points on Xbox Live

Lesley Urwin claims the 'hackers' had her credit card details saved and made three purchases of 12,000 FIFA points for £79.99, totalling nearly £240.

She reported the issue to Microsoft 11 months ago but was "sent in circles" when trying to secure the refund as the tech giant couldn't find any evidence of fraud on her account.

Lesley, 49, told the Daily Record: “I’ve lost count of the times I’ve phoned and emailed Microsoft.

“The boys have had no Xbox Live for nearly a year as a result because I won’t let them log in.

“I am fed up fighting and I want to warn others. None of this is our fault.”

Her boys reportedly knew nothing of the suspicious activity and after calling Microsoft to report the rogue devices using her account, she was told she would receive a full refund.

However, it never arrived in either her Xbox account or with her credit card provider, Tesco Bank.

Lesley added: “Tesco told me Microsoft had traced the IP address of the crook to Warrington in Cheshire.

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"That’s 400 miles from us in Elgin. And to think I’d been interrogating the boys when it all kicked off.

"I got on to Tesco again but it claimed it couldn't uphold the fraud claim. I was aghast. I called Microsoft, who passed the buck and told me to get back in touch with Tesco. I was going round in circles."

Lesley's case was closed in June by Microsoft despite not received a refund and she was told to cancel Tesco Bank.

However, Microsoft have now refunded her the FIFA points to bring the saga to a close.

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