Potential PlayStation 5 feature will let you buy cheats to beat games


We’ve all been there, haven’t we? The moment that we put down our console controllers and head to our computer screens to Google how to beat that unbeatable level, how to conquer that seemingly unconquerable boss, or how to discover that undiscovered place.

First, books and guides were printed full of useful information and hints about how to get to that next level. Then came the internet, and with it, blogs and YouTube tutorials to get you over the line.

Now, though, it seems like gamers will have a new way to unlock hints and tips to help their gaming experience.

Sony, with the launch of the PlayStation 5 expected at the end of this year, have filed a patent for a system that will allow their players to purchase hints if they are stuck in one of their games, according to Gamerant.

Essentially, the console will track exactly what level you are on, how long you might have been struggling and present you with a solution based off what other players on their console have been doing… all for a price, of course.

A patent merely means that the company have an interest in the idea, want to own it for themselves and have the technology to do so. It does not mean that the system will definitely be included in the console by any means.

Their reason behind the idea, besides being another intricate way to earn money, is to benefit their users and stop them ending their experience prematurely.

They claim: “When players become frustrated with their repeated failures to accomplish some objective, there is a higher likelihood that the player will quit the game and not experience the totality of what the game is intended to offer."


It begs the question, though: who would willingly pay for hints when they know that they could get a full walkthrough on YouTube free of charge?

The service, it would seem, may be completely useless to anyone with access to the vast world of the internet.

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