FourFourTwo predicted nine things that will happen in the Premier League this season


We’ve reached the ‘winter break’ in the Premier League so it’s a good time to reflect on the season so far.

The campaign has definitely thrown up some surprises that's for sure. 

Who could have predicted Liverpool winning 24 of their first 25 matches?

Who could have predicted Leicester almost guaranteeing Champions League qualification at this stage?

Who could have predicted Sheffield United challenge for a top-four spot?

Who could have predicted Tottenham would sack Mauricio Pochettino and hire Jose Mourinho?

Certainly not us.

Most of our predictions are over and forgotten about after the first few weeks.

But some of them remain on the internet forever for us all to see - and laugh at.

Arsenal FC v Newcastle United - Premier League

Talking of which, we’ve stumbled across FourFourTwo’s “Nine things we think will happen in the 2019/20 Premier League season.”

Let’s see how their predictions look seven months on:

Pep Guardiola will have a VAR-Neurysm

FourFourTwo write: “The City boss has been known to throw the occasional tantrum, and if another tight VAR call goes against him – particularly against Liverpool in November – the Catalan could go nuclear.”

There actually was several tight VAR calls in that match with Trent Alexander-Arnold getting away with a handball before Fabinho’s opener. Guardiola was also annoyed that his side were denied two penalties in the second half, resulting in a video going viral of him going berserk on the touchline waving two fingers in the air.

Then, at full-time, the Spaniard went up to referee Michael Oliver and sarcastically said "thank you so much" for his officiating.

FourFourTwo nailed it.

Prediction rating: 9/10

Liverpool FC v Manchester City - Premier League

Brendan Rodgers will redo his teeth

The basis of FourFourTwo’s prediction was that Leicester “could challenge” this season meaning Rodgers will be smiling so much that he’ll need his teeth redone.

While we’re not sure whether the Ulsterman has visited the dentist recently, Leicester certainly are doing well.

Prediction rating: 7/10

Burnley FC v Leicester City - Premier League

Fabian Delph will be bargain of the summer

Many believed that the £8.5 million signing of Delph from Manchester City was astute business from Everton.

It hasn’t quite worked out with Delph only playing seven times in the Premier League and having a public social media argument with fans.

Prediction rating: 2/10

Watford FC v Everton FC - Premier League

Shkodran Mustafi will dislocate his shoulder(s)

FourFourTwo identified Mustafi’s constant moaning when Arsenal concede with his arms outstretched that they feared he may do damage to his shoulder.

That hasn’t quite happened.

In truth, his terrible form has restricted his appearances this season - something that has pleased Arsenal fans.

Prediction rating: 3/10

Burnley FC v Arsenal FC - Premier League

Brighton will reimagine Quadrophenia

At previous club Ostersund, manager Graham Potter employed a ‘culture academy’ where players sang, danced and acted in front of an audience to help improve their performances.

But he and his staff have been too busy trying to steer Brighton away from relegation rather than perform their own Who-inspired 1979 film Quadrophenia, which was set in the Sussex town.

Prediction rating: 2/10

Brighton & Hove Albion v Watford FC - Premier League

Liverpool will win nothing

“The Reds got second prize last season with the Champions League, but the ‘this is their year’ pressure will ratchet up and it’s almost impossible to repeat a season as consistently excellent as 2018/19.”

Oh dear.

FourFourTwo’s prediction was over in August as Liverpool won the Super Cup. They’ve also claimed the Club World Cup.

They’re strolling to Premier League glory and are still in the FA Cup and Champions League.

That “nothing” could actually be five trophies.

Prediction rating: 0/10


Commentators will lose their s*** at Aston Villa’s squad

Wesley, Trezeguet and Marvelous Nakamba. Three fantastic names and FourFourTwo thought commentators wouldn’t shut up about it.

In truth, it’s all been about Jack Grealish.

Prediction rating: 2/10


Chris Wilder will surprise

“We’re not necessarily saying that Sheffield United will stay up this season, but the Blades will bring a new dimension to the Premier League.”

You can say that again.

Sheffield United have been a breath of fresh air to the Premier League and are just two points off a Champions League place.

Wilder has more than surprised us all. He’s stunned us.

Prediction rating: 8/10


Twitterati will continue to conspire

Early in the season, we saw the bad side of social media when the likes of Marcus Rashford, Paul Pogba and Tammy Abraham all received racist abuse when they missed penalties.

All while they hide their identity with fake names and fake avatars.

Prediction rating: 8/10

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