WWE News: Shayna Baszler shockingly bites Becky Lynch's neck on Raw


WWE has finally kicked off the feud between Becky Lynch and Shayna Baszler on Monday Night Raw, and it has started in a creative, but rather strange way.

On Raw this week, Lynch was successful in her defense of the Raw Women’s Championship against Asuka, despite Kairi Sane trying to get involved.

The Man was able to hit a side slam on The Empress of Tomorrow to retain her title, but shortly after the match had concluded, she was ambushed by Baszler.

What the former NXT Women’s Champion did next was a creative angle, but very weird at the same time.

After knocking the Raw Women’s Champion to the ring canvas with a Kirifuda Clutch, Baszler then removed her mouthpiece, grabbed the back of Lynch’s neck and took a bite out of it, showing a bloody face when she pulled back her head.

The Man was then seen rolling around in the ring in agony while being treated by doctors as The Queen of Spades rolled out of the ring and made her exit.

Later in the show, The Man was shown refusing to go to the hospital in the back of an ambulance, and she instead threw out the driver to drive there herself.

She also made her way back to the arena where Raw was taking place to deliver a promo on The Queen of Spades, confirming their WrestleMania storyline was officially underway.

A WrestleMania feud that has been rumoured for months between Lynch and Baszler has now begun but in the most unusual circumstances.

While fans like the creativity, many are against the portrayal of the former NXT Women’s Champion as a vampire/zombie.


It just comes across as something really weird as she never did anything like this during her time in NXT.

We’ll have to wait and see if this gimmick of Baszler biting necks, or biting in general, continues after this week.

At least the highly anticipated feud between The Queen of Spades and The Man for this year’s Showcase of Immortals has now begun.

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