'Call of Duty: Modern Warfare' Season Two trailer reveals a huge amount of new content


Last night, Activision and Infinity Ward released a trailer revealing the new season of content for 'Call of Duty: Modern Warfare', covering everything players can look forward to in the next few weeks.

Season Two of Modern Warfare begins today, bringing with it a bunch of new maps, game modes and other fun additions. 

It's important to remember that, as with Season One, players won't be getting all of the new content in one drop.

Instead, new maps, game modes and other items will be added to the game through regular updates during the season.

With Activision and Infinity Ward seemingly keeping their pre-launch promises, this new content will be completely free for players on PS4, Xbox One and PC, releasing at the same time across all platforms.

The new season begins with a multiplayer map returning from 2009's Modern Warfare 2, which has been rumoured to be coming for a very long time.

'Rust' will be returning to the franchise, and many fans of the series will be very happy to see this cherished map returning.

The second map is called 'Atlas Superstore', a brand new addition to the series.

Alongside this, there's also going to be a new Ground War map, 'Zhokov Boneyard', which looks to possibly be inspired by Modern Warfare 2's 'Scrapyard' map.

Numerous new Gunfight maps which are created specifically to make the most out of the 2v2 modes with smaller-scale action and often tenser, cramped spaces, are also being added.

We're also being treated to two new multiplayer modes; Gunfight Tournaments and a Call of Duty League Ruleset Playlist.

Finally, Ghost, a major character from Modern Warfare 2, has been added as a playable operator. We're also getting two new base weapons; the GRAU 5.56 assault rifle and the long-range Striker 45 SMG.


That's all we're getting today, but remember that there'll also be further new content added as we move through the season.

According to the Season Two roadmap, this includes a new multiplayer map called 'Khandor Hideout', two new operators by the names of 'Talon' and 'Mace', as well as at least four new multiplayer modes, and finally a new weapon which is currently classified.

There's also a new Battle Pass for players to sink their teeth into, with new cosmetic rewards, weapon blueprints, operator skins and more. 

Currently, they haven't revealed at what time exactly the content will drop, but it'll most likely be around 6 PM GMT, based on the last season.

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