Kansas' new method of 'live scoring' MMA fights could be a breakthrough for the UFC

UFC Fight Night Andrade v Zhang

The Kansas Athletic Commission has developed a potential new method of scoring MMA fights, which could prove to be a breakthrough if accepted by all promotions. 

ESPN has reported that the new way of scoring fights will allow fans and the combatants to know the score at the end of every round.

At the moment, scores are only made known at the end of a fight if it needs to be decided on points.

KAC boxing commissioner Adam Roorbach has stated that this new scoring method is completely optional at the moment for any promoter who wants to use it.

He also said that he doesn't understand why promotions such as the UFC still use the system they use today.

"I come from outside of the combat sports world," Roorbach explained.

"But I've been a sports fan my whole life. It always mystifies me why the fighters and fans don't know what the score is until the end. No one has ever given me a good explanation as to why."

Former UFC Featherweight Champion Max Holloway also seems to support the new system. He tweeted:

"Is our sport the only major sport where you don't see the score until the game is over? What would the harm be in judges showing their scores after each round?

"Glad to see Kansas testing this."

It's currently believed that all-women promotion Invicta FC will be the first to trial the new system of scoring, during their March 6 card in Kansas City.

Invicta promoter Shannon Knapp explained that they are willing to trial the method which might help to 'push the sport forward in a positive way.'

"If we can help in some way to push the sport forward in a positive direction, that's what we're all about - we'll try."

MMA judging has long been criticised for controversial decisions, but especially so in recent days following the controversial result of the Jon Jones v Dominick Reyes fight.

Jones retained his light heavyweight title with a 48-47, 48-47, 49-46 unanimous decision, but pundits and many fans believed that Reyes should have been declared the winner.

UFC 247 Jones v Reyes

Commentator Joe Rogan slammed the judges for the 'insane' scorecard, while UFC President Dana White admitted at the post-fight press conference that the scoring was 'all over the map.'

"Joe Silva, former matchmaker here, had it a draw. Kevin Lole hit me up, he had Jones 3-2. Going into the last round, I had Dominick Reyes 3-1 going to the last round.

"My kids are terrorising me that the fix is in, 'How could this happen, Dad? Reyes won that fight,' and the list goes on and on of people who are reaching out to me.

UFC 247 Jones v Reyes

"So it's not like there's this landslide of people saying it was a robbery or whatever. People have it all over the place."

If the UFC decided to implement this new method, it could be a breakthrough for future fights which result in the judges needing to make a decision.

However, it might be a while yet before the major promotions decide to make such a fundamental change.

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