Pep Guardiola admits he has only been successful because he's managed the world's best teams

Pep Guardiola has achieved it all in his managerial career.

The Santpedor-born manager won everything at Barcelona.

After taking the reigns of the Catalan club in 2008, Guardiola won 14 trophies in his four-year spell with the club, including four La Liga titles and two Champions Leagues.

He also helped create what was one of the best sides that football has ever seen.

Guardiola then moved to Bayern Munich in 2013, where he won the Bundesliga in each of his three seasons.

And he’s also been dominant in England with Manchester City. Since joining in 2016, he has won seven trophies with the Citizens, including two Premier League titles.

Guardiola has been dubbed by many as the best manager in the world. 

However, that’s not a view advocated by all.

Some have said that Guardiola is nothing but a cheque-book manager; someone who gets success because he has a bottomless pit of money to spend.

Thus, Guardiola has been referred to as ‘Fraudiola’ and a ‘bald fraud’ by his critics.

But what does Guardiola think? Does he think he’s the best manager in the world?

The 49-year-old answered that question in a recent interview and it appears he agrees with his critics.

“I never felt like I am the best manager [in the world],” he says. “Even when I won six titles in a row and trebles. Never felt that.

“I won because I had extraordinary players at big clubs. The incredible managers don’t have these players. They don’t have these clubs.

“I’m a good manager, but not the best. Give me a team not like Manchester City and I’m not going to win.”

That’s very humble from Guardiola. His words will be music to the ears of his critics who probably could not agree more.

But he is perhaps being a little bit too harsh on himself. He has spent a lot of money in his career, that’s for sure. He’s also had the benefit of having a number of incredible players upon joining.

He’s being very harsh on himself, though.

Guardiola has transformed football with a ‘tiki-taka’ style that has never been seen before.

As well as creating one of the best sides ever seen, he shattered numerous records with Manchester City last season.

We will never know if Guardiola can take a side in disarray and make them the best side in the world.

But there’s a reason why all the best clubs in the world want him as their manager. Because he is up there with the very best.

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