Football tattoos that went horribly wrong as Liverpool fan gets 'champions' body art

Tottenham Hotspur v Sheffield United - Premier League

As football fans, we've all made bold predictions that have come back to make us look very foolish. 

Via a show of hands, who thought Arsenal had a solid summer transfer window and were ready to compete at the top again? 

And how many people said: 'Sure, Leicester stayed up last season, but there's no way a Chelsea reject like Claudio Ranieri is going to turn them into anything other than relegation fodder'?

In short, we all make these calls and often, even the experts would have been better off waiting and seeing what actually transpired on the pitch. 

That said, there are some certainties aside from death and taxes and Liverpool winning the league is one of them. Agreed? 

It is almost unquestionably safe to assume Jurgen Klopp's side are on the brink of ending their 30-year anguish and their fans shouldn't be accused of complacency for celebrating a little early. They've waited long enough, after all. 

One supporter has got so excited about their imminent glory that he has decided to mark it before it's been mathematically confirmed. Mark Gretton has got 'LIVERPOOL FC, PREMIER LEAGUE CHAMPIONS 2019/20', along with a liver bird, tattooed on his arm. Here he is: 

We'd like to award him a Victoria Cross for bravery, but we think he's on safe enough ground. 

Others have not been so lucky. 

Inspired by BBC Sport, we've recalled some of the worst offences that spring to mind.

There was the Manchester City fan who, upon hearing post-takeover in 2009, that the club were rumoured to be buying Kaka, went too early and got the Brazilian's name irrevocably etched onto his chest. 


Robinho, Kaka, Shaun Goater. Bet that's hard to explain on first dates. 

Fans ought to have learned a valuable lesson from Chris Atkinson's mistake, but it's happened time and again. 

This wasn't some weird fad of the mid-00s. 

In 2018, an England fan, not content with yelling "it's coming home!" in public at random intervals like most sensible people, decided to go a step further and commit to the ink. 


Do England fans never learn? Seriously?


Fair play for never giving up after all those years of hurt, especially to this hero, who was also hell-bent on a knighthood for the Golden Boot winner Harry Kane:


The Three Lions winning the World Cup did, for a blissful few days, look like a genuine possibility.

But Leeds looking like they were getting promoted and NOT throwing it away? Come on, sir, are you really a Leeds fan at all? Have you seen them? Let's hope he hasn't got one done for 2020 either...


And speaking of elements of the current campaign who have been spectacularly disappointing, spare a thought for the man who got a massive picture of Alexandre Lacazette tattooed on his body after he signed for Arsenal. 


An honourable mention should also go to this gentleman.

The jury is out on whether this was frankly a terrible idea, or something quite poetic and a fitting tribute to Jamie Vardy, just as he would want to go down in football history: 

So many cautionary tales and so many harsh, harsh lessons to be learned. 

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