Women's Sport: Should the Community Shield be moved to accommodate the Women's Euros?

England Women v Germany Women - International Friendly

This week it has emerged that the Football Association is in talks to move the 2021 Community Shield game to a different stadium.

The potential move is due to a clash with the Women's Euros that England will be hosting that summer. The Euros final is scheduled to take place on August 1st at Wembley - a venue and date that has played host to the Community Shield since 1974. 

Although it's promising that the FA are 'in talks' to move the men's Community Shield to a new stadium, the matter of the fact is it's still disappointing that a home Euro's tournament has been overshadowed by what many fans see as a glorified friendly.

Being the host country for a Euro's tournament is no small feat and an occasion that requires the utmost of planning. Rather than looking forward to a huge women's tournament on home soil, we're instead trying to justify to women's football doubters that the Women's Euro 2021 competition deserves it's final at Wembley over the Community Shield.

The provisional schedule for next year's Women's Euro's was released last December, but only now has the clash of dates been flagged up. Not just that but the FA have only announced that they are 'in talks' to resolve the clash, suggesting that we may not hear of a solution for a while.

Broadcasters have today suggested that the Community Shield should be played overseas to maximise its profile and although this has sparked debate amongst fans of men's football, not once has the clash with the Women's Euros final been mentioned.

The lack of urgency to move the men's Community Shield insinuates that, yet again, the women's game has taken a back seat. The preparation that has gone into this year's Men's Euro's to avoid similar clashes has been proper and thorough, despite being spread across several countries and we must hope that our FA will do the same, and if not, better for Europe's women's sides.

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