UFC news: Jon Jones breaks down why he was rightly awarded Dominick Reyes win at UFC 247

UFC 247 Jones v Reyes

Last weekend at UFC 247, Jon Jones successfully defended his title against challenger Dominick Reyes, but as ever with Jones, there has been controversy surrounding the decision of the fight, with some fans believing that Reyes should’ve been the judges’ winner.

Before this fight began there had already been some concern towards the judges, as UFC commentary duo Joe Rogan and Dominick Cruz called out one member of the panel during an undercard fight as they had both witnessed him ‘looking down at the floor.’

Following on to this, Rogan went on to describe how judging in MMA is a ‘giant issue’ and his co-commentator Cruz called out for more transparency in the judging system.

Since the fight, although at first displaying respect to Jones after the decision, Reyes has been suggesting that he should’ve won the fight due to him landing more strikes on the champion, which is a narrative that a lot of people have brought in to.

In response to this, Jones posted to both Twitter and Instagram with his case on why he won the fight and it’s very hard to argue against.

His first point was that Reyes had only outstruck him by ‘literally 12 shots’ and that it was himself who was the aggressor in the fight. Jones makes the point that it was him who had scored points for takedowns and also that he controlled the Octagon throughout the fight.

Although on the night Reyes had landed more shots than Jones, he did not score as many significant strikes as him, which is another point the American makes in his statement.

Jones also claims that Reyes had ‘completely stopped fighting’ in the championship rounds and that because of this, he is annoyed by Reyes’ audacity to be mad at the judges.

Jones then goes on to address the controversy surrounding the situation with the judges of the fight.

"Don’t be mad at the judges, be mad at Dom’s conditioning guy.

"Man started to give up when the water got deep and is now going around doing interviews, talking about being robbed.’"

To the view of many, the first two rounds of the fight belonged to Reyes, with the third round being up for debate, however, in the last two championship rounds, Jones was by far the superior fighter.

Daniel Cormier, who is a long-term rival of Jones, came out in support of Reyes by suggesting that he should’ve won the fight, but the decision wasn’t a robbery towards the challenger.

With another win under his belt and another successful title defence, Jones is now plotting his next move, and a move up to the heavyweight division is something that he has considered for a long time.

However, Jones has made it clear that he wants to become involved with WWE at some point in his career, a move that he has described as ‘inevitable.’

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