‘Call of Duty Modern Warfare’ Developers apologise for the size of Season Two Update

Gamescom 2019 Press Day

The much-anticipated season two of ‘Modern Warfare’s’ multiplayer mode launched yesterday but it came with a toll.

If players were to access the new content they were required to download an update for the game, which was massive.

It has become quite the norm for games to put out these big updates in order for players to experience new content.

However, the space needed for 'Call of Duty’s' newest update could bring a near tear to a gamers eye. 51GB was needed for PS4 players, which you would already think is bad enough.

That is until you see the size of the update for Xbox and PC players.

A 64GB update was needed for Xbox players and a further 94GB was needed for those playing on PC.

Once you had completed the update, however, you were greeted with the surprise that the iconic map ‘Rust’ from ‘Modern Warfare 2’ had been added to the game, which players can now enjoy 24/7 in the ‘I have Rust issues’ game mode. Much like the previous ‘Shipment’ and ‘Shoot House’ 24/7 modes, it includes a ‘mosh-pit’ of game modes like 'Team Deathmatch' and 'Domination'.

Call of Duty Production Director Paul Haile tweeted to explain the situation on why the update was so big, whilst also promising that part of the reason for the large update was that it includes new asset packs which should reduce the overall size of the game and decrease the size of future updates.

Haile also went on to say that a future update will give players the choice to delete any DLC packs in order to free up needed space, which is a system Call of Duty may have taken inspiration from ‘Halo: The Master Chief Collection.’

However, at this point in time, it seems that this management system will only be available to console players - sorry to those on PC but it looks like you might have to extend your hard drive.

The in-game cinematic that you’re greeted with after loading Modern Warfare up for the first time after completing the season two update seemingly all but confirms the rumoured battle royale mode fans have been hoping for.

However, after the size of the first update in season two, how big will this update have to be to introduce this new game mode?

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