Bundesliga striker tricks defender by pretending to tie shoelace before scoring

The best strikers will do anything to gain an edge over defenders.

That’s what usually separates the greatest forwards from the average ones.

It can be done by hook or by crook – as long as you’re not fouling the other player. 

Some strikers will try to psych out their opponents mentally, while others just simply overpower defenders with their physical ability.

But Mainz forward Robin Quaison may have just changed the game this weekend.

While his team had a throw-in during a Bundesliga fixture against Hertha Berlin, he crouched down and pretended to tie his shoelace. 

The defender marking him switched off for a moment thinking Quaison posed no danger, before he jumped back up, ran into the box and tapped in a cross unmarked. 

Check it out below: 

That’s some incredible s***housery right there. You can’t help but admire it really. 

It’s definitely a tactic that comes straight out of Sunday League football and something to try next time you get on the pitch.

After outsmarting his defender, Quaison’s afternoon against Hertha got even better. He went on to score another two goals, completing his second career hat-trick. 

Mainz are now up to 15th in the table, pulling further away from the relegation zone. They may have Quaison to thank more than anyone if they do survive this season. 

The Swedish striker now has 11 goals in 20 Bundesliga appearances – his best tally for the club since joining in 2016. 

We just wonder how many more he’ll get by using this ‘shoelace’ trick? 

You’d imagine that Bundesliga defenders will be made aware of his cheeky tactic and it’s imperative that they don’t switch off when he’s around – or when any opponent is on the edge of the box.

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