Professional FIFA player 'Tekkz' has released a FIFA 20 masterclass for £25

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Come on, admit it, how many of you will be playing FIFA 20 on Valentine's Day?

There's no shame in spending February 14 single and passing the time by smashing people on Ultimate Team is certainly one way to forget about the ups and downs of dating.

However, not everybody who picks up an Xbox or PlayStation controller can immediately go on a FIFA scoring spree and EA Sports' latest release of the game has proven hard to handle.

But in a world where eSports is gathering popularity, so is the number of professional FIFA players and the individual spendings hours on end to master each annual edition of the game.

As a result, it's sparked a fascinating new trend where FIFA professionals are offering lessons to part-time players looking to get better results from their bedroom.

New FIFA 20 masterclass

And the latest release from Danish company 'GamerzClass' has come just in time for you to tune up your FIFA skills on Valentine's Day. Talk about a brilliant last-minute present, right?

Well, that's especially the case when you consider Donovan 'Tekkz' Hunt - arguably the best FIFA player in the world - is behind the latest set of lessons.

The 18-year-old has previously been ranked as the planet's best player and has already won five FUT Championship Cups in two years despite his age. 


'Most advanced tutorial'

And thanks to thorough preparation at the Fnatic Headquarters in London, GamerzClass can now offer the 18-episode course to 'help people elevate their FIFA skills to professional levels'.

Gamers get lifetime access to the tutorials, which have been branded as 'he most advanced tutorial in the game’s history', for just £25.

The course description explains: "If you are struggling with mounting an attack or stopping your friends from scoring on you 24/7, take the experts’ help and learn exactly how he does it.

"Additionally, go over custom tactics, formations, skill moves, set pieces, effective passing, and high-pressure defense. 


"You might not go pro, but at least you can stop being afraid of playing against your friends at parties. Stop getting your behind handed to you and turn it against them. Become a superstar both in-game and outside."

We know at least some of you have leaned forward with interest as if you've just gone 1-0 down...

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