Three years ago, Chris Jericho's and Kevin Owens' iconic Festival of Friendship took place on WWE Raw


Three years ago this week in WWE, one of the greatest segments ever in Monday Night Raw’s history took place between Chris Jericho and Kevin Owens, The Festival of Friendship.

The Festival of Friendship was a celebration of the friendship of Chris Jericho and then Universal Champion Kevin Owens.

Jericho put on the festival, which included showgirls and gifts, to show Owens just how much he appreciated him and their friendship.

Y2J gifted KO a piece of art which symbolised their friendship ‘The Art of Jericho’, as well as a painting of their friendship ‘The Creation of Kevin’.

Jericho also hired ‘Friendship the Magician’ to perform tricks in the middle of the ring for their amusement, but the problem was Owens said his nine-year-old could do the same tricks.

As a result, ‘Friendship the Magician’ ended up being put on the iconic The List of Jericho to the cheers of the live audience.

Y2J then gave a speech showing KO just how much he appreciated by telling him that at the upcoming Fastlane event, he would have The Prizefighter’s back in his Universal title defense against Goldberg.

Owens reciprocated the feelings, gave Jericho a hug, as well as a gift of his own. What happened next shocked WWE fans everywhere.

Jericho opened the gift from Owens, which turned out to be a brand-new list! The problem was, Jericho’s name was on this list.


“How come my name’s on this?” Jericho said, as he lifted up the list into view to reveal it wasn’t ‘The List of Jericho’. It was actually ‘The List of KO’.

KO’s facial expression quickly turned sinister as he attacked Y2J, hitting him with punches as well as throwing him into the TV which was in the middle of the ring, and destroying all the gifts he was given.

Both Jericho and Owens celebrated the three year anniversary of the Festival of Friendship on their social media accounts in their own way. 

The Festival of Friendship will live long in the memory of many WWE fans as one of the greatest Raw segments of all time.

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