Sony's PlayStation 5 is set to cost more than expected due to rising 'manufacturing costs'

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Sony's new flagship gaming console, the PlayStation 5, is at risk of costing more than initially expected due to 'manufacturing costs'.

Sony has been reluctant to release any figures relating to what the new console might cost leaving gamers baffled as to why.

The delay was originally attributed to their desire to see just how much fierce competitors Xbox would be charging for their new console, the 'Series X'.

However, a report in Bloomberg suggests that the gaming giants are struggling to settle on a price for their next-gen machine because of the volatile manufacturing costs they are incurring.

According to Bloomberg's sources, the cost for the PlayStation 5 has risen to "around $450 per unit" - around £345.

In comparison, the PS4 came in at around $381 per unit and sold for $399/£349 at launch.

Bloomberg estimates that, if Sony wishes to operate as it did with the PS4, the retail price for the PS5 will have to be set at 'at least' $470/£360.

It is unlikely that Sony will be able to cut costs either, with Bloomberg reporting that most of the parts - the very reason for the rising cost - are already locked down and ready at this point.

Unless Sony plans to make a loss on the hardware and make up for it through income generated by services such as PlayStation Plus and PlayStation Now, it looks like it might be time to start saving up.

Sony declined to comment on the situation when contacted by Bloomberg and their silence over the potential cost of the highly-anticipated bit of kit is quite alarming.

Apparently, the cooling system is proving to be one of the biggest stumbling blocks per Bloomberg who write that it is 'unusually expensive'.

Either way, it looks like Sony's loyal customers are going to have to cough up a significant chunk of cash if they want to get their hands on the PS5.

It is safe to say that is not the news they wanted to be hearing.

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