Study reveals it's cheaper to watch Premier League games in the UK at the pub

Watching football at home in the UK is mighty expensive.

If you’re an avid fan of the Premier League, you will need a subscription to both Sky Sports and BT Sport to keep up with all the live games.

Obtaining both channels on a Sky Q HD box will set you back £69.99 a month, which is frankly ridiculous.

But there could be a way to save your pennies throughout the month and still watch eight games of football.

How you ask? By going to the pub. The folks over at Netvouchercodes have crunched the numbers and revealed you can save £9.72 a month watching eight games in the pub.

This includes two pints of beer, one for each half, with the average beer price in England and Wales set at £3.77.

If you only need four games to satisfy your Premier League or Champions League urges, you can save £39.83 a month.

Even those in London – where the average beer price is £4.57 a pint – can save money by watching seven games a month at the pub over splashing £69.99 on the subscription services.

So if you’re one of those who enjoys a few pints with the footy on a weekend, get to the pub!

Of course, the prices will shoot up if you choose to have a proper session over a Saturday or Sunday, which is likely the case for the majority.

However, it sheds more light on just how expensive it is to watch football from the comfort of your own sofa.

Premier League CEO Richard Masters says they are now looking at creating a cheaper Netflix-style subscription service, which could be available as early as 2022.

It’s what the fans need, because right now – with an Amazon Prime subscription factored in as well – it costs over £900 a year to watch the top-tier of English football.

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