What Deontay Wilder and Tyson Fury said to each other in the ring after first fight


The two rivals fought to a controversial draw back in 2018, and fight fans have been forced to wait more than a year for a conclusion to the division’s most absorbing rivalry.

Even though in boxing fighters have heated exchanges in the build-up to the fight, no love was lost come the final bell in the Staples Center as both Deontay Wilder and Tyson Fury expressed their love and respect for the other.

After 12 gruelling rounds, Fury and Wilder came together in the middle of the ring, and BT Sport have now released a video of what exactly was said between the two heavyweights.

Initially, however, security prevented the two from getting together, but that was until Fury exclaimed, 'Let me get to my bro.'

Then, a lot of love was shared between the two, and the mutual respect was evident. 

The Gypsy King gave his blessing for the WBC heavyweight champion, and when Wilder was asked about his performance on the night, he showed the same remorse to his opponent.

“He’s a great fighter. Fury said to me, great fight and that he loved me, thank you for the opportunity and that we are the best in the world."

Still undefeated in his boxing career, Wilder thought the split draw decision wasn’t the correct decision on the night.

“I think with the two knockdowns, I definitely won that fight.


“I didn’t think he had control of the fight, I wasn’t hurt, I wasn’t slow during the fight.

“When you have a fight like that and you’re giving all you got, at the end of the fight that’s what it’s all about."

The ‘Bronze Bomber’ wasn’t the only competitor in the ring who wasn’t happy with the draw. Fury was also questioned about the fight in which he gave Wilder a lot of praise.

“I am a professional athlete who loves to box.

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“I’m 6 ft 9 weighing 260 Ibs and I don’t know anybody on the planet who can move like that against that man who is a fearsome puncher but I avoided his shots tonight.

“Me and this guy are the two best heavyweights on this planet."

It seemed Wilder agreed with the British boxer’s comments about the current crop in the division.

“I totally agree, we put on a great show for the fans and I’m ready to do it all again.”

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With Wilder’s WBC heavyweight championship being on the line once again come February 22, Fury is also risking his status as the lineal heavyweight king.

If it is anywhere near as good as the first bout, then this one will be one hell of a fight.

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