WWE news: Matt Hardy isn't done with WWE just yet as he faces Randy Orton on Raw this Monday

Randy Orton will go one-on-one with Matt Hardy after his actions on Raw last week

The future of Matt Hardy in WWE is still very much unclear.

A legend of the business having started wrestling in 1992, Hardy's third stint in WWE could be coming to an end very shortly indeed.

His contract is reportedly set to expire next month, and there's no current signs of him penning a new one.

Hardy's creative juices have been flowing recently though with his 'Free The Delete' YouTube series, and rumours have circulated that he may be All Elite Wrestling-bound when his contract is up.

WWE failed to fully explore his 'Broken' character despite brief glimpses of promise, and since his brother Jeff got injured in April 2019, Matt has hardly been used on television.

He recently resurfaced at the back end of last year in a string of losing matches, but he was interestingly intertwined in the blood feud between Edge and Randy Orton this past Monday night.

Randy Orton levelled Matt Hardy with a Con-chair-to on Raw this past week

Despite Edge and Hardy having personal issues dating back to 2005, when the Rated-R Superstar had an affair with Matt's then-girlfriend Lita, Hardy forgave his nemesis and wanted to know like everyone else why Orton attacked him the night after the Royal Rumble.

Hardy never got an answer as he ended up trading blows with Orton, before being dropped by the three deadliest letters in WWE - RKO.

Orton then struck with a Con-chair-to - the same move he downed Edge with - and many presumed that Hardy was being written off television and out of his contract.

But not so fast - Hardy isn't going anywhere just yet as WWE announced last night that he will be taking on Orton on Raw in a No Holds Barred match this week.

Hardy and Orton will go one-on-one on Raw this coming Monday

Hardy is the master of hardcore-based matches - after all he's competed in numerous Ladder and TLC matches - and maybe this is the way WWE are going to write him out if he really isn't signing a new deal.

WWE could even go all the way and give Orton his Punt Kick back if they really want to take things to the next level, and that move would certainly fit with his renewed sadistic side.

We will have to wait and see as to how this unfolds, but we will be very, VERY surprised if Hardy is still with WWE come next month!

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