Goran Ivanisevic backs Novak Djokovic as the best player in tennis history


Novak Djokovic is the best tennis player of all time, this according to his coach Goran Ivanisevic, who claims the Serbian will surpass all records in the next two years.

Djokovic won his 17th Grand Slam earlier this month at the Australian Open, and in the process, overtook Rafael Nadal as the number one ranked player in the world.

However, Djokovic’s coach has highlighted Roger Federer’s career records and believes it is only a matter of time until Djokovic takes the records from the Swiss legend.

“I repeat, for me he is already the best tennis player in history,” claimed Ivanisevic during an interview with SK.

“When he is present, ready and healthy, there is no one better.

“What will be looked at at the end of their careers will be decided by people, but I think Novak will be the best in all relevant categories.”

Ivanisevic also believes that Djokovic can overtake Federer’s record of most weeks at No.1 after the US Open and the record for most Grand Slams next year.

Federer currently sits on 25 career titles ahead of the Serbian, although of those titles, Djokovic is only three Grand Slams behind his Swiss rival.

Despite being behind on titles won, however, Djokovic currently sits aloft the tour earnings, having earned more money throughout his career than Federer, according ATPTour.com.

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Djokovic himself has claimed he has two more years left before he will consider retiring from the game, by which time he will be 34, and his aim is to hold all of the records within the game so he can be truly considered the greatest of all time.

Ivanisevic has backed up his client’s claims that he will only need two more years in the professional game to take all the relevant records to be considered the GOAT, and even claimed that he could level with Federer’s Grand Slam title record this year.

“He will most likely top the Federer record for most weeks at No.1 after the US Open and the record for most Grand Slams next year.

“He can even do that this year, for which he would have to win all the remaining Grand Slams.


“But if he wins all three, then he has again done something that only Rod Laver has managed.”

When examining their head-to-head records against each other, Djokovic holds the advantage, beating his Swiss counterpart 27 times out of 50 matches, a win percentage of 54%.

Both players will long be remembered for their achievements in the game, and along with Andy Murray and Rafael Nadal have dominated for over a decade in the professional game.

Whether or not Djokovic goes down as the GOAT or not will be a hotly contested debate that will rage on for years to come.

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