Man City could be stripped of the Premier League title they won in 2014

Shock news emerged on Friday that Manchester City had been found guilty of ‘serious’ financial fair-play (FFP) breaches.

The club have been fined £25m and given a two-year ban from European football.

That is a massive blow to Man City. Now they won’t be competing in the Champions League, they could be set to lose some of their best players.

It would also be tough to recruit players from around the world, while Pep Guardiola may also leave the club.

But there could be even more serious implications.

City have won four Premier League titles in their history but, according to the Daily Mail, at least one of those could be in jeopardy.

It’s been said that City have been charged by UEFA for breaching FFP from 2012-2016.

If a separate investigation from the Premier League is conducted and finds Man City guilty, their rule book allows a commission to deduct points retrospectively.

That means they could potentially be stripped of their title won in the 2013/14 season should the Premier League deem that the necessary punishment.

The same applies for the title they won in 2012, although it is unclear whether any rules were broken before their triumph that year.

Wow. It could go from bad to worse for City.

City won the title by two points in 2014 from Liverpool.

It’s important to note that the Daily Mail did not state what would happen should City be stripped of their title.

But how incredible would it be if that happened and the title was awarded to Liverpool instead?

The Reds came so close to winning it all in 2014, only for Steven Gerrard to infamously slip against Chelsea and ruin their title hopes.

The English midfielder craved a Premier League winners medal throughout his career but that was as close as he got.

But if City were retrospectively deducted points, Gerrard and Liverpool could be credited with the title.

It’s something that happens in athletics so it’s feasible that it could happen in football as well.

This all, of course, depends on if the Premier League decide to launch a separate investigation.

If they do then things could get very, very interesting.

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