Barcelona vs Getafe: Lionel Messi's dribbling skills literally put a midfielder on his knees

Messi embarrassed Getafe's Arambarri

Lionel Messi is experiencing his longest La Liga goal drought in six years. 

After Saturday's 2-1 win against Getafe in which he failed to score, the Argentine has now gone a massive FOUR matches without netting. 

Four matches? Sounds like it's time to retire, Lionel. 

We're joking, of course. Because if you've actually been watching Messi play recently, you'll know he's still having a match-winning effect almost every week. 

The captain has ridiculously assisted six of Barca's last seven goals, proving that you don't need to score the goals to be the most important player on the pitch. 

As well as setting up his teammates, Messi has also been ending careers with his dribbling. 

Against Getafe, he literally put Mauro Arambarri on his knees, tieing the midfielder in knots before skipping past him. 

Check it out below: 

That man has a family, Lionel. 

Call it whatever you want - Messi 'snapped his ankles', 'ended his career' or simply embarrassed the hell out of his opponent.

But Arambarri isn't the first to feel that and he certainly won't be the last. 

Messi's dribbling is almost unmatched

While Messi is currently going through a dry goalscoring patch, he's still incredibly important to Barca and Quique Setien has admitted he will have to start managing the Argentine's playtime. 

"Messi, like a lot of other players, knows what he can do and what he can't do. If he's on the pitch it's because he's able to be. He's OK, there's no problem," he said, per Bleacher Report.

"Like any other players, there will be a time when we have to rest him. I haven't spent so much time here to be able to evaluate this.

Messi will need to be rested soon

"These players are so used to playing Sunday to Wednesday for many years that in some cases it is not necessary for them to rest, but we will have a look as it goes on."

We've seen in previous years that Messi has been used sparingly to keep him in prime shape for the climax of the season. 

Right now though, the Barcelona captain probably wants to spend as much time as possible on the pitch to break his goalscoring duck - and break more ankles in the meantime too. 

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