Liverpool: How many games the Reds need to overtake Premier League legends


Liverpool are going to be crowned Premier League winners this season.

There's no point suggesting otherwise when the Reds have won an unprecedented 25 of their opening 26 games and hold a 25-point lead over reigning champions Manchester City.

As a result, the remainder of Liverpool's season is more a case of collecting as many records as possible as opposed to, well, ploughing on with something which could be resolved by April.

They could sensationally match Arsenal's record of 49 games unbeaten, become only the second team to finish an entire campaign without defeat and top City's record points tally of 100.

One hobby that Liverpool fans can start to focus on is overtaking the number of points set by Premier League champions and victory over Norwich City confirmed their very first scalp.

Liverpool chasing history

Moving to 76 points meant they surpassed the 75 mustered by Manchester United in 1996/97 who, despite boasting the likes of Eric Cantona, are the competition's weakest ever champions.

But come on, let's go even further and see how many games Liverpool are away from overtaking some of the more stellar teams to grace England's top division since 1992.

So, without further ado, here are the dates you can put in your diary for when Liverpool will go above and beyond the champions that came prior. Assuming they keep winning, that is.


One game - Arsenal (1997/98)

Date: February 24

Game: West Ham United (H)

Arsenal players celebrate

Two games - Manchester United (1998/99), (2000/01), (2010/11); Leicester City (2015/16)

Date: February 29

Game: Watford (A)

Dwight Yorke

Three games - Manchester United (1992/93), (1995/96), (2002/03)

Date: March 7

Game: Bournemouth (H)

Manchester United players celebrate with the trophy

Four games - Arsenal (2001/02); Manchester United (2007/08); Chelsea (2009/10), (2014/15); Manchester City (2013/14)

Date: March 16

Game: Everton (A)

Chelsea v Sunderland - Premier League

Five games - Blackburn Rovers (1994/95); Arsenal (2003/04); Manchester United (2006/07), (2008/09), (2012/13); Manchester City (2011/12)

Date: March 21

Game: Crystal Palace (H)

Arsenal v Leicester City

Six games - Manchester United (1993/94), (1999/00); Chelsea (2005/06), (2016/17)

Date: April 4

Game: Manchester City (A)

Steve Bruce and Bryan Robson with the FA Carling Premiership Trophy 1994

Seven games - Chelsea (2004/05)

Date: April 11

Game: Aston Villa (H)

Chelsea players Petr Cech (L) John Terry

Eight games - Manchester City (2018/19)

Date: April 18

Game: Brighton & Hove Albion (A)

Brighton & Hove Albion v Manchester City - Premier League

Nine games - Manchester City (2017/18)

Date: April 24

Game: Burnley (H)


Liverpool on course to beat them all

That's right, Liverpool could move three points clear of Pep Guardiola's centurions before May.

You know this Liverpool team is incredible when they're on course to surpass United's treble winners before the turn of March and move past Arsenal's unbeaten side in just five games.

Sure, there might be the odd slip up along the way and Premier League fixtures are always subject to change, but it would be rude not to memorise these dates when they could be so significant.

Like it or not, Liverpool are on track to rewrite the history books forever and no team is safe.

Norwich City v Liverpool FC - Premier League
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