The 50 greatest heavyweights of all time have been named


Ranker, alongside its readers, have developed the ultimate list of the best heavyweight boxers of all-time.

Today, we are going to list the top 50 as ranked on February 16, 2020.

A number of traditional, house-hold names fill the top spots, but spots 30 to 50 are occupied by some more contemporary, current fighters.

Britain is represented within the list with the likes of Bob Fitzsimmons, Tyson Fury and Anthony Joshua all making the top 50.

So without further ado, here’s the top 50 of all-time.


50: Andy Ruiz

49: Ray Mercer

48: Frank Bruno

Daniel Dubois and Frank Bruno Media Work Out

47: Jack Sharkey

46: Paddy Ryan

45: David Tua

44: Ron Lyle

43: Gerry Cooney

42: Michael Spinks

41: Roy Jones Jr

40: Jerry Quarry

39: George Chuvalo

38: Henry Cooper

37: Harry Wills

36: Tommy Morrison

35: Ingemar Johansson

34: Jess Willard

33: Anthony Joshua

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32: Deontay Wilder

31: Tyson Fury

50-31 Summary

Surprisingly, Anthony Joshua drops out of the top-30 into the upper parts of this category.

Often regarded as one of Britain’s greatest-ever boxers, he fails to take a top-30 spot due to the vast superiority of America in the sport.

Joining Joshua in the top section here are Deontay Wilder and Tyson Fury, but it's Fury that comes in higher than his fierce rivals.


30: Riddick Bowe

29: Sam Langford

28: Earnie Shavers

27: Bob Fitzsimmons

26: James J. Corbett

25: Jim Braddock

24: James J. Jeffries

23: Floyd Patterson

22: Ken Norton

21: Archie Moore

20: Vitali Klitschko

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19: Ezzard Charles

18: Max Baer

17: Jersey Joe Walcott

16: Max Schmeling

15: Wladimir Klitschko

14: Sonny Liston

13: Jack Johnson

12: Evander Holyfield

11: John L. Sullivan

30-11 Summary

As we creep closer to the top-10, this section offers a few more recognisable names.

The inclusion of Vitali and Wladimir Klitschko are stand-out names, while Bob Fitzsimmons is one of the higher-ranked Britons making the list.


10: Gene Tunney

9: Lennox Lewis

Boxing at Olympia London

8: Larry Holmes

7: Joe Frazier

6: Mike Tyson

5: George Foreman

4: Jack Dempsey

3: Joe Louis

2: Rocky Marciano

1: Muhammad Ali

The top-10 boxers of all-time, according to Ranker, is packed full of blockbuster names.

It would have been nearly impossible to look past Ali as the number one boxer of all-time.

Ali Glares At Opponant

The latter provided fierce competition, but Ali’s reign at the top of the sport outlasted his rivals with huge magnitude.

Mike Tyson (6) and Lennox Lewis (9) make it into the top-10, having had one huge meeting in the ring, but it would be nigh impossible to take the crown from Ali.

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