WWE news: Erick Rowan's mysterious cage may have a spider inside it


The WWE rumour mill is churning once again and after seeing the company push Erick Rowan carrying a cage to the ring every week for the past couple of months, word amongst people on the inside is that we’re finally going to get to see inside THAT cage.

The Erick Rowan character has been around for quite some time already, dating back to the early 2010s, in fact, when we knew him as a member of the ‘Wyatt Family’.

Rowan’s image has not altered much during his tenure with the company; sporting the ever present long, ginger beard and a shaved head to boot. He is also quite an imposing figure amongst WWE superstars standing at well over six foot!

After the gradual dismantlement of the ‘Wyatt Family’, Rowan found himself largely competing at mid-card level at best for some time, often doing jobs to put over other up-and-coming talent for the company.

However, after an up-hill struggle back to the centre stage, Rowan has been causing a major stir in the sports entertainment world and has got every fan wondering; WHAT’S IN THE CAGE?

Rowan has been strutting the mysterious cage to the ring for several months, always keeping it well covered and has often decimated his opponents if they are to go near to try and discover the contents of said cage.

Rumours have been running rife as of late, but latest reports are suggesting that it could be a spider inside the cage.

Very disappointing.

This would be fitting with the company’s history and track record, however, of utilising live animals, especially with darker, more mysterious characters; Jake ‘The Snake’ Roberts is a prime example.


Brad Shepard, who is a reporter for Wrestling Rumours, has stated: "According to a source in WWE, the current creative idea is for Erick Rowan’s cage to contain a spider."

He continued: "Apparently there’s no real rhyme or reason behind that idea, so I’m told that could change before the reveal."

WWE are known for their wacky storylines to say the least, so let’s see what is in store for us this time…

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