Floyd Mayweather believes he deserved to be named Athlete of the Decade over LeBron James


Floyd Mayweather has never been shy to blow his own trumpet.

The superstar boxer has enjoyed an incredible career, boasting a 50-0 record and has become one of the wealthiest athletes on the planet in the process.

In a career spanning three-decades - possibly four - Mayweather has been a constant in the boxing world, showing his talent time and time again in some of the biggest fights in recent memory.

His social media platforms are awash with posts of the American living quite the affluent lifestyle, with expensive clothes, watches, and cars making regular appearances.

Now, Mayweather has gone full Mayweather after basketballer LeBron James was named the Athlete of the Decade by the Associated Press.

To the say that Floyd did not exactly agree, would be an understatement.

"I love LeBron James but when we talking about Athlete of the Decade, that's me. That's me. Hands down," said Mayweather in an interview with Drinks Champs.

"We talking about from 1996 to 2020. And I've never received Athlete of the Decade. At the top of Forbes and I'm my own boss.

“No Gatorade behind me, no Sprite behind me, no Nike behind me. These are billion-dollar companies and we like to call it placement," Mayweather continued.

“So if they (are) paying, you get what you want if you’re paying enough.

“Just honestly, I’m the athlete of the decade … and last two decades, actually.”

Considering some of the other global household names that were in the running as well, it is quite a bold claim from Mayweather.

Floyd Mayweather Jr. v Conor McGregor

James edged out the likes of Michael Phelps, Lionel Messi and Usain Bolt - all of whom have nigh on revolutionised their respective disciplines.

With that in mind, you can't help but feel that Mayweather's claims are a little far fetched - no matter how good a record he may have to his name.

In the end, there are just bigger names that have done more for the world of sport than Mayweather.

Sorry, Floyd, we're just not having it.

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