WWE news: Shayna Baszler cuts a very non-PG promo on Becky Lynch on Monday Night Raw

Shayna Baszler is in a rivalry with Women's Champion Becky Lynch

Despite it seemingly being in the works for months now, WWE have decided to make it pretty obvious who Becky Lynch's next challenger is going to be and how she's going to earn it.

The Lasskicker has ran through the majority of the Monday Night Raw roster, and there's only so many times that she can defeat her most fearsome rival in Asuka.

With Royal Rumble winner Charlotte Flair choosing NXT's Rhea Ripley as her WrestleMania opponent, it meant Lynch would have someone else to contend with when the Showcase of Immortals came round.

And NXT's Shayna Baszler threw her name into the hat when she viciously attacked Lynch last week on Raw - and went on to 'take a chunk out of her neck'.

Shayna Baszler took a chunk out of Becky Lynch on Raw last week

WWE have been building to this rivalry since the NXT invasion before Survivor Series, and the two shared the closing scenes of that very pay-per-view, with Lynch driving the Queen of Spades through the announcers table.

With nothing left to do at Full Sail, Baszler is seemingly on Raw full-time now, and she has been announced for the Elimination Chamber match which will see Lynch's next contender confirmed on March 8.

Before that though, Baszler's head and voice popped up on Raw's titantron last night after Lynch came to the ring with a bag of money, as she 'paid her future fine' up-front that she's going to receive after she obliterates Baszler.

Baszler responded in kind by describing how the Chamber match is perfect for her when you take into consideration her cage-fighting background, but typically WWE left out the best part of the segment on their official run-backs.

Baszler and Lynch are expected to go one-on-one at WrestleMania

The two-time NXT Women's Champion told Lynch that she was going to 'tear the living s**t' out of her, which saw an audible gasp from sections of the crowd in Everett.

You won't be able to hear her say that on the recap footage, but you can watch and listen to it HERE in all its glory!

WWE didn't even censor Baszler live on-air, which means it wasn't an accidental slip of the tongue, but it definitely didn't conform to their PG mantra.

However this rivalry between Baszler and Lynch feels very real and unforced, and it's a format that WWE fans want to see more of going forward.

It's inevitable that the two will be meeting in Tampa at WrestleMania, but first we must watch Baszler go through five other women at Elimination Chamber in just a couple of weeks time. 

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