Contactless pool tables have finally made it to the UK


One of the biggest enemies of a truly legendary night out has always been a lack of spare change. Finally, this is all about to be a thing of the past.

Scrambling for loose pennies is about to be banished from pubs, because pool tables which take contactless card payments are popping up across the country.

Twitter user Robin Evans posted a picture of the new discovery which has since blown up in the pub pool playing community.

This particularly futuristic pool table sits in The Billesley in Kings Heath, just south of Birmingham, and costs £1 a play.

This seems a bit expensive, but when you consider that you don't have to keep rooting around for spare change, it seems like a fair trade-off.

The guy who spotted it told LADBible: "It caught my eye as I'd never seen it before. It's always the case you fancy a game of pool but have no change, so it's a pretty genius idea actually."

One Twitter user replied to the revelation saying: "Do you leave your card on the table to show others that you're next on?"

Seems a bit more dangerous than leaving a quid on the side, but progress is progress.

Another user recalled that he'd actually come up with the idea of a contactless pool table back in 2017, so maybe we should be looking to him for more great ideas in the future.

Other people went full Dragons Den, commenting: "And you're trackable. Like pool? Sell their data to sports & betting apps, Sky, Bein, Paddy Power... they probably like a drink if they're playing pool in a pub... sell it to brewers, distillers, deliveroo... whoever... 'You want a loan? Your data says you like a drink and a bet..."

Sounds like they'd make a hell of a lot of money, but not so sure about the legal side of all that.


A quick Facebook search revealed that these tables of the future have been slowly popping up in pubs around the UK since last year. For example, the Golden Lion in Bexleyheath has had one since December 2019.

I think this has to be on par with, if not better, than the introduction of contactless payments on vending machines. Truly a technological revolution.

Pop down to your local and have a chat with the owner, see if you can persuade them to invest in this new piece of equipment. 

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