'Call of Duty: Modern Warfare' Battle Royale game mode release date possibly leaked


'Call of Duty: Modern Warfare's' long sought after Battle Royale mode looks to be coming to a console or PC near you in the close future.

Just a week after developer Infinity War appeared to tease the mode's new gigantic map in an in-game cinematic, more details have emerged, apparently including an intended release period.

VGC has heard from sources within the company that Activision is hoping to release the highly anticipated Battle Royale mode in just a few weeks.

The current idea is that we'll see the new mode, supposedly called "Warzone", in early March.

This would probably mean either March 3 or March 10, since Infinity War like to release the bigger Modern Warfare updates on Tuesdays.

As expected, the release of Warzone will take the place of the mysterious 'classified' section which currently sits on the Modern Warfare main menu screen. This peculiar section was added as part of the massive Season Two update just last week, and was one of the main reasons why fans believed that something big was coming to the game.

VGC also reports that Warzone will be released as a free standalone game at the same time, which perfectly lines up with what we heard from a data-mining leak last year.

After downloading the standalone version, players will have the option to "upgrade" to the full experience, which sounds like a great way of introducing more people to the core game. 

It also looks like players will be able to use the same battle pass as the main game, meaning all of your cosmetics and gear from the standard multiplayer game modes will carry over to the Battle Royale.


While Activision and Infinity Ward are yet to explicitly say anything about this potential new mode, the apparent details of Warzone have been out of the woodwork for quite a long time now.

While Infinity Ward oversees the development of the main Modern Warfare content, it's believed that Warzone is being developed by Raven Software, the same people who have always offered support throughout the franchise's history.

It's also being rumoured that Warzone will support up to 200 players in each server, and will offer solo, duos, and four-player matches.

It'll also apparently have a ping mechanic similar to that of Apex Legends, as well as a huge map made up of new and familiar locations.


Last year, a player managed to glitch themselves into what is apparently the Battle Royale map, discovering a bunch of areas, including the Gulag and a football stadium.

It's believed at the moment that the Gulag will play a role in the respawn system for the Battle Royale. When a player is downed, they enter into the Gulag for a one-on-one match with another dead player. The winner can then be revived and rejoin the game.

While these reports sound legitimate enough, we won't truly know anything for certain until Activision and Infinity Ward confirm Warzone themselves.

If this rumoured release date is anywhere near accurate, we can expect an announcement in the coming weeks.

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