Simulation of Khabib Nurmagomedov vs Floyd Mayweather ends in a round one knockout


One of the most highly anticipated possible crossover fights between boxing and UFC stars would have to be Khabib Nurmagomedov up against Floyd Mayweather. 

It's certainly not a fight we can expect to see in real life any time soon, but that's the whole point of video games, right? 

Well, thankfully, we might just have an answer to the question of who would win.

YouTuber 'Crazy UFC Fighters' uploaded a simulation on EA Sports UFC 3 back at the end of 2018, which pits Khabib against the legendary Mayweather in the Octagon. 

So, what happened when the computer was left to decide the winner of this legendary fight? The result may just shock you.

The fight starts with some taunting from Nurmagomedov, which is immediately punished by Mayweather with two quick hooks to each side.

Khabib is immediately put onto the defensive, getting rocked after recieving another brutal left hook.

It seems like the Russian just can't defend himself against Floyd's quick punches, as he manages to get in another few hits to the jaw as the fight continues. 

After another taunt from Nurmagomedov, Floyd connects perfectly with four rapid-fire jabs to the jaw.

After a body shot from Floyd to Khabib, 'The Eagle' finally scrapes some offence, connecting sweetly with two powerful hits to the nose. 

It's clear that Khabib's speed and agility is no match for Mayweather, struggling to throw a punch after receiving yet another jab and uppercut.

Just under a minute into the fight, the first knockdown is scored, with Mayweather standing above the fallen Russian, after two powerful hooks and a final uppercut from 'Money.'

To his credit, Khabib immediately pops back up to his feet, only to be met with another two punches to the head, before managing to return a few shots to the head and body. 

About a minute-and-a-half into the fight, it's clear that Khabib has taken the brunt of the offence, as Mayweather connects flush with another two brutal hits to each side of the face. 


Mayweather then goes for a liver shot, following up with two straight jabs to the face, resulting in a second knockdown, with Khabib face-down on the mat.

After rising from the floor for a second time, Khabib manages to get in a few body shots and uppercuts, but is still no match for the dominant Mayweather, who continues with his quick jabs and dodges.

After a massive uppercut to the chin from Floyd, Nurmagomedov falls to the mat once again, before getting back up, missing with a flurry of blind swings.

The final sequence begins with a fast jab to the face, followed by a left hook to the head, which knocks the Russian out cold after just over two minutes of fighting, giving Mayweather a clear victory.

This is likely the closest we'll get to a dream match between the two, but the result is certainly up for some questioning. 

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