Ranking the 16 Champions League teams' home and away kits for 2019/20


The Champions League is making its long-awaited return this week.

Anticipation for Europe's premier competition is palpable and there's nowhere for the world's best teams to hide now that the group stages have unfurled into a knockout format.

So, ahead of the Champions League hitting our screens again tonight, GIVEMESPORT has decided to take a closer look at the 16 remaining team and their 2019/20 jerseys in particular.

At the start of the season, we ranked every club's home and away kits, but now we're mixing things up by blending the two strips together for the teams who successfully reached the round of 16.

So, yes, that does mean our opinions might have shifted slightly over the last five months and we're putting third kits aside in order to guarantee a level playing field between teams.

Ranking every Champions League kit

You can check out our final selection down below and decide which Champions League kit would make you most likely to part with your money:

32. Napoli away 

Did they seriously think a camouflage design would hide the mess of ALL those logos? There's enough bold lettering and shades of green to give you a headache if you look at it long enough.


31. Valencia away

We can't tell if this ugly texturing has been airlifted from a 1970s disco or a psychedelic dream, but it ruins what could have been a smart marriage of black and orange either way. 


30. Chelsea home 

This one has grown on us slightly, but the key word is slightly.

The more light you cast on this Chelsea jersey, the more it looks as though the designers fell asleep on an etch-a-sketch and only the vibrants blues of the texturing saves it from being truly terrible.


29. Manchester City away 

Admittedly, this jersey has looked better on the pitch than it did in the photoshoot, but it still appears as though the designers asked for colour suggestions and said 'yes' to every single one of them.


28. Borussia Dortmund home 

Dortmund's home jersey in the Bundesliga is in the same God tier that their kits usually are...

However, switching things up with a unique texture for the Champions League looks cheap and tacky regardless of whether it pays homage to Signal Iduna Park.


27. Napoli home 

Saying that Napoli's home jersey is an improvement on their away kit is like saying that Andy Carroll played better at Liverpool than Rickie Lambert: sure, it's true, but that doesn't make it any good.


26. Bayern Munich home 

Here's where we border into middle-of-the-road territory, it's just a shame that Bayern - like their German rivals - have opted to lift the design of their stadium on to their shirt. At least it's subtler here, mind.


25. Bayern Munich away 

Yeh, 2019/20 hasn't been a stellar year for Bayern kits and while there's not much to hate about his fusion of white and grey, there isn't much to love about it either.


24. Juventus home

Done right, this could have looked as brilliant as Barcelona's home kit from 2008/09, but the garish pink stripe down the middle means it doesn't look very Juventus nor anything above average.


23. Lyon home 

It's slightly disappointing that Nike designed this jersey as similarly to the Bayern strip as they did, but the Lyon design deserves more praise for having an extra splash of colour to bring it to life.


22. Tottenham Hotspur away 

Fine. The lovely shady of navy means we don't want to criticise Spurs' away jersey too much, it's just that Nike have been a little unadventurous here and the disco texturing was definitely a misfire.


21. Manchester City home 

There's a classiness that comes with giving a nod to City's history with the injections of burgundy, but simply using it on the shoulders was a missed opportunity.


20. RB Leipzig away 

The blue and red combination is bang on the money and the sponsoring really compliments the badge, as you'd expect from the Red Bull theming, so there's a lot to like here.

However, if you're going to play it safe, you really want to emote the club's style and history, which we're not necessarily feeling here.


19. Atletico Madrid away 

Maybe we'd like this jersey more if Nike didn't fade the Atletico badge into the background so much with a shade of red that's slightly too sharp for this colour match-up to look truly brilliant. 


18. RB Leipzig home 

How to do texturing right. Again, this isn't going to pull up trees for being a design revolution, but the subtle claw-marks of grey really bring some extra personality to the red, white and blue smartness.


17. Barcelona home 

Sue us, we like this kit more than most and we're not ashamed to admit it.

The design tips it hat to Croatia to just the right extent and we love the Catalan flair on the collar, it's just that chequers inevitably makes the sponsor, badge and squad number look a little messy.


16. Liverpool away 

Putting so much emphasis on white always runs the list of looking boring, but the blue shorts and inspiring splash of red on the sleeves means this New Balance effort shines on the pitch.


15. Tottenham Hotspur home 

We've been criticised for rewarding this Spurs shirt on a few lists, so hear us out.

This is the definition of 'less is more' and why spoil the formula too much - never forget the seatbelt sash - when the key to your fans' hearts is the classic white trim and a pointed navy collar?


14. Borussia Dortmund away 

Inverting the Dortmund formula for a black colour scheme is something of a cheat code for kits, it's just a shame we don't love the texturing as much as we adore the silver plates on the shoulders.


13. Liverpool home 

To be fair to New Balance, they've ended their Liverpool contract with a bang and they've penned the crisp whites in just the right places to elevate the classic look of the club's red colour scheme.


12. Real Madrid home

You just can't go wrong with white and gold, can you? 


11. Lyon away 

Lyon are truly blessed to have red, white and blue as their jersey palette and Adidas used the tricolour to their advantage for one of the most underrated kits in Europe this season.


10. Paris Saint-Germain home 

PSG home strips had started to become a little stale, so it was great to see Nike mix up the formula with an eye-grabbing white and red central stripe that simmers on the classic navy background.

But we've had to knock it down a few pegs because that wordy sponsor sticks out more and more with each viewing.


9. Valencia home

Yes, yes, yes, we like simple jerseys when it just screams the club it's been designed for, so we're not ashamed to reward a Valencia strip that synchronises the vintage white, back and orange in style.


8. Juventus away 

This ever so slightly off-white design really makes the red of the sponsor, badge and logo sizzle off the fabric. It could have been top five material if the Adidas shoulder stripes were also splashed with colour.


7. Atletico Madrid home

You just can't go wrong with the Atletico template. Again, Nike have taken the mentality that simple can be effective and the sponsor, albeit slightly wordy, seamlessly bleeds into the red, white and blue palette.


6. Atalanta away 

For starters, we need to applaud the alternate club badge on display here and secondly, the use of black, blue and white gives the strip both a crisp look and a lovely riff on Atalanta's traditional livery.


5. Real Madrid away 

Overrated? Yes. Still brilliant? Yes. 

Gold and dark blue makes for one of the finest colour matches on the market and let it serve as an example that subtle texturing is the key to success for strips like these. Top tier.


4. Chelsea away 

Again, we've been accused of overhyping this jersey and while, yes, it might seem a little basic, we think it brings an almost suit shirt-like sharpness that really leaps off the material with its blue and red trim.


3. Atalanta home

We need to put respect on Atalanta's kits this season. Like, seriously.

The use of a classic collar and thin stripes makes the jersey ooze with classiness from each fibre and we're an absolute sucker for a central badge, not to mention the deftly integrated sponsor.


2. Paris Saint-Germain away

The black bordering around the collar and sleeves is absolutely spot on and the shade of orange makes this shirt unique for all the right reasons.

Even the essay-like sponsor is hidden nicely with black texting across the board. Plus, you're not human if you don't gawp at that Michael Jordan homage.


1. Barcelona away 

Oh baby. Nike deserve a round of applause for making this stunning Barca kit that pays homage to what came before and essentially looks like the club's iconic badge incarnate in a jersey.

There's something so classy about the shade of yellow that's splashed all over the torso and the brightly coloured sash - always a big positive on a kit - blends effortlessly with the subtle sponsor.


A great range of jerseys

Away kits are just better, aren't they?

Sports companies always have a little more freedom when it comes to the away strips and that produces some beautiful designs like those seen at Barcelona, PSG and Chelsea.

And as you can probably gather from some of our choices, we're not ashamed to admit that sometimes less is more, especially if it's paying homage to vintage kits that came before it.

Besides, considering what happened against AS Roma and Liverpool in recent years, we feel obliged to let Barcelona come first in something in the Champions League... 

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