Harry Potter-inspired game currently in the works


An open-ended country-life RPG Stardew Valley has amassed 177,000 reviews on Steam, averaging a 10/10 rating.

Its publishers Chucklefish are now currently developing a game that draws on inspiration from more of a magical place - namely Hogwarts. 

Their latest Harry Potter-inspired project, which was previously referred to as Spellbound, is an isometric RPG set in a magic school, and has been confirmed as Witchbrook.

Stardew Valley lovers will be pleased to know there will be noticeable similarities between the two games, however, the differences in direction and objectives will make it a different and refreshing game.

The player begins life as a student, with the goal of graduating, before earning your Witching Permit.

Questing will replace farming, and these enable the player to develop and unlock skills throughout the day and night cycle.

There is a gameplay summary, and it reads: "Witchbrook is intended to be both relaxing and rewarding, providing the player with enjoyable, mindful activities whilst ensuring a sense of progression. Players should feel attached to the various characters they meet at school and to the progression as a student." 

The school provides the backdrop for a whole host of activities, including both main quests and side quests.


The main quests are schoolwork-based, and there are many side quests such as dating, relations and social activities. There are also other playable activities, such as fishing and herb gardening. 

Chucklefish CEO and lead designer Finn Brice has made it transparently evident that the game is very much still in early development.

Aspects of the design and function of the game are constantly changing, and Brice has been refreshingly clear regarding the several issues that come with 'trying to bring magic into a game in a free-form way.'

Brice has even shared the design document for the game, for those avid fans that are particularly excited for the game and therefore anxious for frequent updates. 

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