Women's Sport: Phil Neville thinks there are more important issues in women's football than the size of the goals and pitches

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There are more important issues in women's football than the size of the goals and pitches that should be addressed- those are the thoughts of England Women's head coach Phil Neville.

This comes following the words of former Three Lions' men's manager Fabio Capello's comments during a panel discussion on Sunday, where the Italian said he thinks the women's game should have smaller goals and narrower pitches. 

"I think the goal for the women is too big," Capello said.

"Also the pitch is too wide. Because, when you play basketball, it's not tall like the men's [the height of the hoop is 3.048m in both but the three-point line is closer in the women's game].

"When you play volleyball, it's not as tall nets like the men [as the men's nets are 2.43m high and women's are 2.24m]. Every time when you shoot at the goal, for the 'keeper it's really difficult."

Former United States Women's manager Jill Scott disagrees with the Serie A, La Liga, and Champions League winner.

"You've got to understand that the men's game has been around for a hundred years," Ellis said.

"We are now seeing, for example, in Japan, taller athletes go into soccer."

Lionesses' manager Neville, also disagrees with Scott - England's head coach was talking to Sky Sports and said the following:

"Do I agree with it? No, because I think you need to actually look and educate yourself on the standard of goalkeeping, which I think over the last 12-18 months with the introduction of specialist goalkeeping coaches at every professional level has seen massive growth.

"Imagine what it is going to be like in two to three years' time, it will be even better."

The 43-year-old believes the women's game is progressing and stated his views on why keepers' are getting better.

"If you talk about the size of the goals Emma Hayes [Chelsea Women manager] said just before the World Cup [about] making the goals smaller to help goalkeeping," Neville said. 

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"My view on that is I have seen goalkeeping in the women's game for the last 18 months.

"You look back to the World Cup [and] I thought some of the best players in the world Cup were the goalkeepers. You see some of the saves they make.

"Karen Bardsley [England goalkeeper] made one against Japan [in France last summer] which was unbelievable. Regardless of the size of the goal that was a world-class save.

"I think there are other areas of the women's game that we need to be focusing on rather than changing the size of the goals and the size of the pitch."

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