WWE news: Former WWE Diva Eve Torres claims Donald Trump 'forcefully grabbed' her in 2009

Eve Torres (right) has made serious allegations about Donald Trump

It sounds pretty baffling when you think about it, but there was once a time in WWE that the current President of the United States was in a storyline with Vince McMahon.

Vince and Donald Trump are good friends, and his wife Linda worked for Trump between 2017 and 2019, but the two men were enemies on-screen in 2007.

It all led to a 'Hair v Hair' match at WrestleMania in Detroit, with McMahon's head being shaved bald after Trump's representative - Bobby Lashley - defeated the late Umaga who was fighting on behalf of Vince.

The President has always had a strong relationship with WWE and entered their Hall of Fame in 2013 in the celebrity wing.

Donald Trump is a WWE Hall of Famer

But an allegation made this week surrounding one of his visits to Monday Night Raw back in 2009 is threatening to tarnish his name.

Eve Torres is a three-time Divas Champion and was a wrestler and authority figure between 2008 and 2013 - she now serves as an Ambassador for WWE.

Torres took to her Instagram account on Presidents Day on February 17 to slate Trump though, and recalled an encounter that occurred backstage at Raw in 2009 involving the President.

"I look forward to having a president who doesn’t grope or objectify women," said Torres.

Three-time Divas Champion Eve Torres has made allegations towards the U.S. President

"I have taken pictures with thousands of men at military bases, at WWE events, and signings, and very few have grabbed me and pulled me in as forcefully as he did without knowing me.

"Of course, at the time I believed it was my job to be eye candy in a photo for this supposed billionaire, and play along.

It is actually hard for me to see that photo because it reminds me of my beliefs about my worth at the time.

Torres then included the picture, which shows Trump's hand around her waist.

Eve Torres is pictured with Donald Trump in 2009

Whilst some will question why she is revisiting this in 2009 or why she hasn't said anything before, but Eve has a right to feel like she wasn't treated as she should have been.

Torres hasn't suggested it was anything more than a forceful grab, but it only adds to the list of misdemeanours that the President has racked up.

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