Deontay Wilder's top 10 knockouts named and ranked

  • Tom Kelly

There are three certainties in life. Death, taxes and a Deontay Wilder knockout.

The Bronze Bomber may not be a defensively-sound or a naturally gifted boxer, however, he possesses a trait that makes the American one of the most dangerous heavyweights of modern times. 

Some boxers may need a couple of rounds to win a fight, Wilder, on the other hand, only needs a couple seconds - and that's being generous.

The undefeated American has the ability to end a fight in a matter of seconds, mainly due to his devastating right hand.

In the lead up to his clash with Tyson Fury, Sky Sports have counted down his top 10 knockouts. 

10. Ethan Cox

At 22 years old, Wilder took to the professional stage after achieving a bronze medal at the 2008 Olympic Games. The young fighter who rocked a shaven hairstyle had no problem dispatching Ethan Cox via a TKO. 

With Cox already struggling and seemingly out of his depth against a future heavyweight champion, Wilder managed to silence his opponent in the first round as his opponent collapsed to the floor following a trademark-windmill blow. 

9. Siarhei Liakhovich

The career of Siarhei Liakhovich probably didn't go as expected for the Belarusian, as he is now commonly known for his fight against Wilder and the unfortunate knockout that followed.

In 2013, Wilder finished Liakhovich with a right hand, but what followed wasn't pleasant on the eye.

It seemed that the fighter lost complete control as his body dropped to the canvas, with his legs shaking uncontrollably. 

8. David Long

Back in 2011, Wilder secured a first-round victory against David Long in Cincinnati, Ohio.

Wilder saw Long as little competition, or the rest of the heavyweight division for that matter, as a pin-point left hand secured the Bronze Bomber the victory. 

7. Kelsey Arnold 

The saying of boys and against men couldn't be truer within this situation.

Wilder, who towered over Arnold, engaged in what can only be described as bullying rather than a boxing match.

With it being the start of Wilder's career, it appeared there was only more devastation to come from the young American.

6. Bermane Stiverne 

Stiverne gave it plenty of talk in the lead up to his near-death experience with Wilder, and this ultimately backfired.

Wilder's opponent was knocked down three times and the final knockdown certainly confirmed that Stiverne was more suited to a limbo competition rather than a heavyweight championship fight. 

5. Danny Sheehan 

Wilder must be proud of how far he's come.

The American fighter is now competing in what can be described as the mecca of boxing in Las Vegas, which is ludicrous to think when you compare the facilities to where he fought Sheehan. 

In what can be described as a routine victory and KO for Wilder, the Bronze Bomber defeated Sheehan with a trademark right hand at the Hilton Towers Ballroom, Louisana. 

4. Luis Ortiz II

After suffering a continuous beating from Wilder, Ortiz suffered defeat for the second time as his legs failed to support his body after a combination of swinging punches - with a left hook signifying the end to Ortiz's night. 

3. Kelvin Price

Whoever forked out the money for ringside seats that night, well, they definitely got their money's worth - and undoubtedly some of Price's blood on their expensive clothing. 

Wilder unleashed his monstrous right hand on the unfortunate Price, with only the ropes acting as his saviour. 

2. Dominic Breazeale

Despite Breazeale somehow made it back to his feet, but he was unable to make the count and the referee deemed it unsafe for the fighter to continue. Probably for the best.

A one-two combination left the fellow American fighter startled, which demonstrated to the rest of the world what Wilder is capable of if he was given the opportunity. 

1. Artur Szpilka

It was said that Wilder's opponent provided an excellent account for himself throughout the night, but the Bronze Bomber's excellence appeared to be a step too far for the Pole.

However, a left-hand which caught Szpilka on his chin guaranteed two things. One, Wilder managed to maintain his undefeated record, and two, an early night sleep for Szpilka.

Funnily enough, this was the first time Wilder and Fury came face-to-face, as the Brit stormed the ring in the aftermath of the fight.

So there we have it, Wilder's top 10 knockouts ranked as per Sky Sports.

Will Wilder be adding yet another KO to his ever-growing catalogue on Saturday night? Or will Tyson Fury be the man to finally stop the Bronze Bomber?

We are about to find out!

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