Women's Sport: Spanish women's footballers to finally receive historic pay agreement

After 16 months of negotiations, the first collective agreement in Spanish women’s football history has been signed.

The collective agreement is set to improve conditions for Spain’s top-tier footballers introducing minimum wages alongside maternity and holiday protections. The breakdown of negotiations in November last year famously led to 188 female players from 16 clubs in Primera Iberdrola walking out on strike in an unprecedented move.

A pre-agreement was signed by the association of clubs (ACFF) and various players unions in December but it has taken up until last night for a formal agreement to be signed in Madrid.

The collective agreement protects an annual minimum salary for players in the Primera Iberdrola of €16,000. Those on part-time contracts will receive 75% of the full-time salary. Players will have a 35-hour working week with 30 days of paid holiday and their salary is guaranteed in the event of injury.

In perhaps one of the most important parts of the contract, players will receive maternity protections that determine if a player becomes pregnant while in the final year of her contract, she can opt to be given a one-year contract extension.

The ACFF’s opposition to the agreement in the first instance has come from their belief that clubs would be unable to afford the terms of the new contracts. However, a new contract with broadcasting group Mediapro has added €1million per season to the deal.

“Mediapro has been key in solving the problem, showing, once again, its firm commitment to women’s football,” the ACFF said following the deal.

David Aganzo, the president of player’s union AFE, said being a part of the historic collective agreement was an “honour”.

“Thanks to the courage, union and companionship of the players, we have made this new milestone a reality in the history of our association and Spanish sport.”

In a statement, the AFE added they believed the move could inspire other sporting organisations to move towards equality for women’s contracts.

“The signing of this agreement is a historic event for Spanish sport and also a source of inspiration for the other colleagues who practise other sports.”

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