Twitter thread explains how Arsene Wenger's offside rule would completely ruin football

Wenger's rule has been ripped apart by Twitter thread

Arsene Wenger has proposed a radical change to the VAR rule which would give attackers back their advantage. 

His idea, which will be voted on at the end of this month, says a player would be ONSIDE if any part of their body that can score a goal is behind the last defender - even if another is offside. 

It's fair to say if the rule passes, it will be one of the most significant law changes of the last few decades and Wenger's idea is already causing plenty of debate. 

Some are in favour, suggesting that the current one is damaging the game due to 'armpit' and 'toenail' offsides being spotted now we have VAR. 

But others claim the new rule - if passed - will give attackers far too much of an advantage. 

ESPN editor Dale Johnson is someone who believes the latter and he's tweeted an incredible thread that explains how Wenger's rule change would completely ruin football. 

We'll pull out the most interesting parts of his argument, but you can check out the full 19-tweet thread by clicking on the first tweet below: 

Johnson's argument starts by suggesting any major rule change is a long process and something as radical as Wenger's suggestion would need properly testing out. 

That's why he believes the suggestion it could be used at Euro 2020 would risk completely ruining the competition because linesmen and players won't be ready for it. Fair point. 

Next, the thread dispells suggestion that Wenger's change would 'end marginal armpit and toenail offsides.' 

The thread explains why Wenger's rule won't work

It suggests 'VAR still has to, and probably will, disallow just as many marginal goals as it does now, but the measurement point will just be in another place.' 

Perhaps most interesting is the suggestion Johnson makes about the massive advantage attackers will have from set-pieces under the new rules. 

He even mocked up two images to show just how ridiculous some 'onside' advantages would be when it's more than two players running for the ball. Check them out: 

Sterling would have this much of an advantage. Credit: Dale Johnson This would now be onside. Credit: Dale Johnson

The thread finishes by suggesting Wenger's offside law is 'IMPOSSIBLE' to implement given all of the above information and it's hard to disagree. 

Armpit and toenail offsides will still exist, strikers will gain a huge advantage to exploit and any actual trials at Euro 2020 could completely ruin the competition. 

It's just not worth it right now, sorry Arsene.  

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