Kaka thinks Steven Gerrard was better than Paul Scholes and Frank Lampard

Paul Scholes, Frank Lampard and Steven Gerrard were all incredible players.

The three players excelled during their playing careers.

Scholes set the tempo throughout his career at Manchester United, Lampard scored ridiculous amounts of goals from midfield for Chelsea and Gerrard was captain fantastic during his time at Liverpool.

But which one was better?

It’s a question which has been debated for some time.

Obviously, fans of United, Chelsea and Liverpool will be biased and almost all of them will go with the player that played for their club.

But it’s always interesting when people who aren’t biased choose between the three.

Kaka achieved it all while he was a player.

The Brazilian midfielder played for AC Milan, Real Madrid and Brazil during his career and was one of the best midfielders in the world.

Moreover, he played against all three during his career, meaning his opinion counts for a little more.

So who did he think was the best? He went for Gerrard, who he played against in both the 2005 and 2007 Champions League finals.

“I like Gerrard,” he told SPORTbible. “Because we had this challenge between ourselves in 2005 and 2007, I really admire him.

“Of course, Lampard was pretty amazing, Scholes the classic. But I’ll have Gerrard.”

It’s a shame Kaka didn’t elaborate more, but that’s another high profile name that thinks Gerrard was best of the three.

Michael Owen grew up playing alongside Gerrard at Liverpool, played with Scholes at Man United and featured for England alongside all three.

But he also gave the edge to Gerrard.

“Stevie’s on a different level than anything I’ve seen or played with,” he said on the Greatest Game podcast, per talkSPORT. “I’m not blowing smoke up my a***, I’ve played with some great Man United players, Liverpool players, Real Madrid, England.

“Put it this way: if I’m saying tomorrow rewind the clock, you’re going into battle now, you’re playing in the Champions League final, who’s your first pick? I’d have Steven Gerrard as my first pick out of everyone.”

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