WWE news: WWE refused to let Sheamus use his old theme song upon returning as 'nobody remembers it'

Sheamus has returned to WWE looking like his 2010 self

2020 could be a big year for one particular SmackDown superstar, who returned a couple of months ago from seemingly a time machine.

When the vignettes for Sheamus' return aired, it felt like WWE fans had gone back to 2010, as his mohawk was gone and his original haircut had come back.

His actual in-ring return has seen him take apart smaller superstars such as Shorty G and Apollo Crews, and his streak of wins can only mean that a bigger task will be ahead of him.

Sheamus has been tearing up both Shorty G and Apollo Crews in recent weeks

There is one major title Sheamus needs to add to become a Grand Slam Champion in WWE, and that is the Intercontinental Championship.

Braun Strowman currently holds that title, and if WWE see any sense, Sheamus will be challenging the Monster Among Men at WrestleMania 36 in Tampa for the belt.

But after what The Celtic Warrior said today regarding a part of his return, it doesn't look like WWE are seeing much sense at all.

Whilst appearing on 'The Bump' earlier today, Sheamus was asked why he didn't go the full monty and bring his original theme song back along with his haircut.

WWE wouldn't let Sheamus go the full way with his old character

To put it bluntly - WWE wouldn't let him - and their reasonings didn't make much sense at all.

“I actually wanted to have my original music back. I pushed for it and I was denied," said the Irishman, per Cultaholic.

"I wanted 'it’s a shameful thing, lobster head' or whatever it is," he continued, regarding the misheard lyrics of his original theme.

“I brought this to the powers that be and they basically said they don’t remember it. I was told they don’t remember this song. I was told it was outdated.”

Sheamus' original theme isn't THAT old, and we can guarantee that the majority of WWE fans would love it if it was brought back to life.

WWE, please see the light and grant Sheamus' request - on behalf of the WWE Universe!

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