Adidas 'Japan Blue' Predator Mania boots are being remade


Adidas' Predator Mania football boots are iconic.

The boots, which were released just before the 2002 World Cup, were worn by some of the world's biggest stars.

Zinedine Zidane, Steven Gerrard and David Beckham were just a few big names that sported the cleats.

Fans of the boots would have pleased when the Predator Manias started to be re-released.

Adidas has so far brought out three Predator Mania remake cleats.

The first was part of the 'Revenge' pack in 2014, followed by the Adidas Predator Mania 'Champange' in 2017.

Most recently, the boots were released in red in November and are available for £300.

A number of the world's most well-known players have worn them since, including Barcelona's Ivan Rakitic and Atletico's Alvaro Morata.

English captain and midfielder David Beckham (L) a

And it appears the next Predator Mania remakes will be released very soon.

That's because, per the ever-reliable FootyHeadlines, official pictures of the 'Japan Blue' Predator Mania boots have been leaked.

View images of them below:

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They look absolutely gorgeous.

They are part of the Predator-Exclusive Adidas Tormentor 2020 Boots Pack that will drop next month.

And for those that can't wait much longer for their release, there is good news.

That's because they were expected to be released in mid-March but, because of these leaked images, they may be available to buy even sooner.

We wouldn't be surprised if some of the world's best players couldn't resist wearing these when they are officially released. They are stunning.

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