Europa League: Ranking every home kit from the 32 remaining teams


The Europa League is back in action after two months away.

Much to the dismay of football fans, European competitions have been on ice for the last two months and the return of the Champions League seemed like it had taken forever.

And now that half of the round of 16 ties have been completed, attentions turn to Europe's little sister and teams looking to qualify for the Champions League through the back door.

There's plenty of British interest with Manchester United, Arsenal, Wolverhampton Wanderers, Celtic and Rangers all competing, while European juggernauts like Ajax and Inter Milan are also in the mix.

So, before the round of 32 games get underway, we've decided to continue our series on football kits at GIVEMESPORT and inspect the remaining home jerseys on display in the Europa League.

Ranking Europa League kits

From some downright fashion disasters to some of the smartest threads on the market, Europe's second competition has certainly got an eclectic bunch of kits this season:

32. LASK

Oh dear God, no, somebody phone the fashion police.

Combining white, grey and pink was a disaster from the outset, never mind splattering three or four sponsors on it like an explosion at a billboard factory. That Zipfer logo is better than LASK's chances of winning.


31. Wolfsburg

X marks the spot... the spot of a complete mess.

Fair play to Nike for moving away from their templates here, but they really shouldn't have bothered; this looks like someone at Britain's Got Talent mistakenly fitted the huge crosses with green bulbs.


30. Gent

Clearly some of the shrapnel from the billboard explosion in Austria landed in Belgium and looking at the size of that 'VDK Bank' logo, you'd think half the country was covered.


29. Istanbul Basaksehir

Ok, so, the three terrible kits aside, Istanbul just have a pretty cheap-looking jersey and although we actually rate the shade of orange here, their badge looks more like a Call of Duty clan than a Europa League team. 


28. Shakhtar Donetsk

We promise to shut up about sponsors in a second, but this otherwise solid kit has been completely curtailed by iconography that went to the same font school as the 'biff', 'bang and 'pow' bubbles from the old Batman. 



So, leaving sponsors in the past... sorry, we lied.

APOEL literally have the exact same logo as Shakthar's and only finish above their Ukrainian cousins because it doesn't kneecap this sound mixture of yellow and blue quite as much.


26. Braga

If this jersey was an ice cream flavour it would be vanilla. Simplicity can really work for a home jersey, but Hummel's mishmash of cheap-looking red hues just makes us shrug our shoulders.


25. Sevilla

Less really can be more, but there's got to be something. Something. This all-white design from Nike only finishes above some of their Europa League rivals for being so plain that there's not too much we can moan about.


24. Celtic

This seems a little cruel, we know, we just think the 'dafabet' logo sticks out like a sore thumb and the shoulders needed a splash of green to avoid it looking like a pub darts team's from the top stripe up.


23. CFR Cluj

We're willing to forgive the fact Volkswagen wrote an essay on each sleeve because we like the shade of the burgundy, the Romania flag on the chest and a pretty smart-looking collar.


22. Ludogorets

A fine example of logo, sponsor and badge working in design harmony, even if the lack of texturing makes this look like a basic Nigeria kit or one of those generic SportsDirect jerseys for a five-a-side team.


21. Rangers

This could have been so, so much higher if it wasn't for the tacky stripes.

The red and white on the collar and sleeves is absolutely stunning, just like the shade of blue and alternate Hummel logo, it's just those subtle stripes that remind us of a pensioner's curtains.


20. Sporting Lisbon

Sadly, there's just not much to say about this strip. Firmly middle of the road.


19. Basel

We were ready to dump this near 30th when we saw the initial design photographs, but that weathered shade of red really vibrates on the pitch and make this a pretty solid effort from Adidas.


18. Bayer Leverkusen

The little spots of black on the shoulders are welcome additions and Rangers should take note on how to subtly incorporate stripes into your main colour here. It's just a little on the safe side.


17. Red Bull Salzburg

There's a lot to like about the crispness of the red and white stripes, especially as they marry so well with the club badge, it's just a shame somebody went overboard with the size of Red Bull's logo.


16. Getafe

Everything here is working towards that carefully-balanced blue and white pallet, so a big thumbs up for coherence and the claw-marks on the sleeves are a lesson in sticking the landing with a bold design choice.


15. Copenhagen

Go on, call us hypocrites for putting this 10 places above Sevilla. Do it.

We have no explanation for this plain white jersey looking ten times better other than the fact Copenhagen's badge, Adidas' insignia and Carlsberg's logo all look majestic in blue together.


14. Wolverhampton Wanderers

Having orange and black as your two colours is something of a cheat code and Adidas' iconic stripes along the side of the torso are enough for us to ignore the frustratingly wordy sponsor.


13. Olympiacos

And, yes, back to the topic of sponsors because this cartoonish logo is holding back this otherwise slick Olympiacos strip from slipping into the top ten with ease. A real shame.


12. Club Brugge

Every single detail is harmonious to the blue, back and white colour scheme, which is an absolute dream on the eyes and makes for one of the most underrated kits in Europe this season.


11. Espanyol

Now we're talking. The collar here is absolutely stunning and a commitment to the white background really elevates the central blue stripe from the fabric with its beautifully detailed texturing.


10. Malmo

You know how certain sponsors are just made for particular jerseys? Well, this gorgeous marriage of a slick Malmo shirt with that circular Volkswagen logo is almost in the Arsenal/O2 tier.


9. FC Porto

This is all about the shoulders. There's something about New Balance's decision to blue-out the very top of this Porto jersey that makes it look so aesthetic and how can you possibly hate the club's traditional stripes?


8. AZ

This is arguably our most controversial pick on the whole list and we're not ashamed to admit it.

We have no doubt that many football fans will baulk at the combination of horizontal stripes, multiple shades of red and a brave texturing pattern, but we're inclined to think it's a beautiful mess.


7. Ajax

You're on to a winner when you have the iconic template of Ajax to work with and Adidas have added some of their own little touches to make this a simple, but evocative and eye-grabbing strip.


6. AS Roma

Speaking of templates that are a dream to work with...

The burgundy and gold of Roma always makes for some of the finest football shirts and while this isn't as stunning as some of its predecessors, the lightning bolts on the collar and sleeves are simply gorgeous.


5. Eintracht Frankfurt

If it wasn't for the sponsor interrupting the beauty of this kit, Eintracht could have taken the gold medal for this simmering cocktail of red, black and white that deserves far more credit.


4. Arsenal

Adidas have knocked it out the park since replacing Puma in north London and their classic uses of stripes are a match made in heaven for a club that prides itself on tradition, history and respect.


3. Benfica

Is it simple? Yes. Is it beautiful? Yes.

There's history dripping off every fibre of this Benfica jersey and it emotes the simplicity of football kits 50 years ago which we need to see more nods to in the modern day.


2. Manchester United

Oh baby. One of the keys to a perfect jersey is taking inspiration from what came before and Adidas struck the perfect balance between paying homage to the treble-winners and crafting something entirely new with this design.


1. Inter Milan

Every single Inter Milan kit has been stunning this season and their home strip is no different.

The texturing around the sponsor is an inspired design choice and the white around the collar and sleeves really makes the traditional stripes leap off the fabric. There's not a better home shirt in Europe right now.


Wide-ranging jerseys

Quite a mixed bag of kits, that's for sure.

Just like the Europa League in general, there's a real disparity in quality and you can't blame some of the weaker designs from clubs who need all of the sponsorships they can get.

And although kit designs certainly don't win you the trophy, don't be surprised if our top choices of United and Inter are some of the leading contenders for glory come May.

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