AEW news: Cody Rhodes hits picture-perfect Moonsault from the top of a steel cage in Dynamite main event

Cody Rhodes was victorious in AEW's first Steel Cage match last night

After hitting a bit of a lull recently, All Elite Wrestling seems like it's back to creating a top quality wrestling product on Wednesday nights.

And we are just nine days from their next big event - Revolution - which takes place in one of AEW's favourite cities in Chicago, and storylines are starting to come to a head.

Jon Moxley will finally be getting his first opportunity at Chris Jericho's AEW Championship next weekend, and another former WWE star Jake Hager will have his first AEW match against Dustin Rhodes.

But the biggest current rivalry in AEW is between one of the Executive VP's Cody Rhodes and the cocky heel Maxwell Jacob Friedman, also known as MJF.

MJF said he was Cody's best friend, but he turned on him back in November and hired Wardlow to be his personal muscle soon after.

Cody has been gunning for MJF for months, and a match was finally agreed for Revolution, but Rhodes has had to meet some stipulations first.

Cody Rhodes and MJF have become embroiled in a bitter feud

First came the 10 lashes segment from two weeks ago on Dynamite, where MJF struck Cody in the back multiple times with a leather belt.

And last night in Atlanta, Cody had to defeat Wardlow inside of a steel cage to secure the match on February 29 against his number-one enemy.

It was AEW's first-ever Steel Cage match, and there was a stand-out moment towards the end of the match that set the pulses racing.

Cody climbed to the top of the 20-foot cage, and went on to Moonsault care-free off the top of it onto Wardlow below.

That move put Wardlow away and secured Cody's date with destiny at Revolution, and fan footage of the Moonsault looks even better than the official clip.

Cody has jumped from the top of a cage before in WWE, but this one looked higher - and how good did AEW's actual cage structure look as well?!

Cody v MJF may not be the actual main event next Saturday, but in the eyes of many fans it is the main match to watch, and it'll be interesting to see if MJF will get his comeuppance or if this feud will continue to be a long-term one.

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